I like you, I think I do
I like your straight ginger hair
Your cute little freckles
Your daringly flirty looks
But most of all
The way you use my pool cue

We played a few games
I let you play with me for a while too
I let you get to feel the game
But then I took charge
Just when you think you had me
I made all the right moves
And even got it into the hole you liked

But then, we played something else
A little test of reactions
You try to get me
And I had to play hard to get
But you never got me
So we changed roles
But no matter how slow I went
I always got you
Just the way I wanted you

Despite all this
Do you know that I like you?
Because we played innocent little games
And you & I thought nothing of them

I wonder if you thought anything of our innocent games

When it was time to go home
I gave you a peck and a cuddle
And you gave me a kiss and a hug back
I've only known you for a day
But I'm thinking of you already
And now, I'm waiting for your friend
To invite you over to hang with us again

Until then, I'll just think of you