The Youth Serum

By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on the Twelveth day of December when a handsome young scientist named Adam Lambert had arrived at a most wonderous mansion after he had recieved a mysterious invitation from there--and after he had entered the house,he was escourted to the drawing room,where an old woman sitting in a wheelchair was waiting for him.

Her name was Ellenor Strandson and she had offered to pay Adam a million dollars to make for her a serum that would make her young again--and even though he figured that she might be nuts,he has decided to take the money and accept the scientific challenge.

And so,after he was shown to the laboratory,Adam had gotten started on trying to find the right formula that could indeed do the job.

No one in the house had any idea as to how long he was working in that lab,but it was well worth the wait,for after he had walked out of the lab and told Ellenor that he had finally created the perfect formula,she had rolled up her sleave and demanded to have the needle filled with the youth serum injected into her arm.

After he had injected the youth serum into her arm,it had started to change Ellenor from the wheelchair-bound old woman into a young and healthy Holly Marie Combs type beauty--and then,after they had looked at each other's eyes,both Adam and Ellenor had found themselves falling in love.