I won't say I'm sorry

I do rites around an altar

And now I'm wrong

For doing what makes sense to me

But I won't convert

I've dreamt of other girls

And now I'm perverted

For having random fantasies

But I won't be ashamed

I've been angry with myself

And now I'm "disturbed"

For crumbling under pressure

But I won't be a psycho

My clothes are all black

And now I'm "Gothic"

For wearing what's comfortable

But I won't wear Abercrombie

My hair is short and spiky

And now I'm "unfeminine"

For expressing unique style

But I won't grow it out

I dumped a boy for being a perve

And now I'm a prude

For fighting for my beliefs

But I won't just submit

I believe that all Gods are one

And now I'm "misguided"

For wanting simple acceptance

I have no reason to be sorry