Chapter Eighteen

"OK class! Grab your partners one more time, and try it again." Mrs. McCabe the gym teacher shouted out to her class of 39 students.

Jasmin grabbed Jesse and told him, "Geez Jesse. For what a great dancer you are with Dream Street, you kind of suck at two-stepping." She laughed and placed her hand in his, and one on his shoulder.

Jesse smiled. "Yeah well. so?" He laughed as well.

The two were in the middle of gym class, and their subject this month was social dancing. The one most everybody hated, because they couldn't do it. Jesse, being one of the ones who weren't very good at it, didn't like it that much. He liked faster pace music that he could move to.

It had been a week since Jasmin and her family had moved here for good. She was very grateful for it. She couldn't believe that Jesse and everyone had come to the airport to get her to stay. She was happy, and that was all that mattered.

"Ouch!" Jasmin yelped.

"Sorry." Jesse apologized again. That was at least the tenth time he had stepped on her foot.

"It's okay." Jasmin laughed. "It didn't hurt that much." Actually, it didn't hurt at all, but she wasn't going to let Jesse know that. She just smiled, as they started all over again. Slow, slow, quick quick, slow, slow, quick quick.

It seemed forever, but finally the bell rang signalling the end of class. "That was great everyone! Next class, we'll be learning a new dance. The waltz!" Everyone groaned as they all piled out of the gym doors into the already crowded hallways.

Jesse grabbed Jasmin's hand and held it as they walked along to their lockers to gather their books for their next class. "Ug, I have geography next." Jasmin wrinkled her nose and stuck her tongue out.

"Yeah. Tell me about it. I didn't like it last year either. But I have Spanish next. Yay." Jesse laughed and squeezed Jasmin's hand, "It'll be alright. Just think about me."

"That's all I ever do." She confessed and smiled.

Jesse shoved his free hand in the air and yelled triumphantly, "I knew it!" Jasmin punched his arm lightly and Jesse rubbed it immediately after. "Ow." He whined, and pouted his lips just as they reached their lockers.

"Aw did I hurt poor Jesse?" Jasmin flickered her eyelashes, and rubbed his arm slowly.

Jesse nodded and stepped closer to Jasmin, so that their lips were only inches away from each other. "I think the only way to make it better is a kiss." He whispered softly.

Jasmin ran her tongue across her bottom lip and smiled. "Really now?" she asked. Jesse nodded once again and moved closer. "Okay." She breathed.

Jesse puckered up and closed his eyes, but kissed nothing. Just air. He opened his eyes. "What the-" He turned and Jasmin was standing beside him.

She leaned forward and kissed his arm where she had punched him and started laugh. "There." She said and started to laugh some more.

He placed his hands on his hips and smirked. "Oh you think that's funny do you?" Jasmin nodded. He pulled her to him and whispered hotly in her ear, "Well tell me if you think this is funny." He placed his lips on hers and kissed her passionately. They pulled away a few minutes later to come up for air. Jesse cocked his eyebrow as if saying, 'Well?'

Jasmin breathed in deeply, "No. That wasn't funny. That was. breathtaking." She smiled and wrapped her arms around Jesse's waist. "I love you Jesse."

"I love you too Jasmin." He returned. He then grinned and added, "And some day, I'm going to marry you."

The couple was oblivious to the ringing of the bell as they gazed into each other's eyes lovingly, not letting each other go. Just smiling at one another in pure happiness.

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