'Don't go.don't leave me.' She whispered in his ear, even though she new his senses were mute.

The rain drizzled down, making a small puddle engulf her bare legs.

She shivered from the cold and the oncoming prospect of death, which she preferred to avoid.

Her tears slipped down her cheeks and steadily dripped onto his lips in an enchanting rhythm. She counted the tears.

'One, two.' she hoarsely whispered 'three, four.' the tears leaked inside his mouth 'five.six.' they then came in a steady stream, pouring over his face and mixing with the rain.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw his blood mixing with the rain and her tears.

She cradled him tighter, he was so cold.or was it her, she didn't know. Was it day or night? It has been raining for what seemed like days. What was the time? She didn't really care.

She pulled him closer and wrapped the jacket she wore around them both, it didn't do anything to keep them warm, it was wetter than then water she knelt in.

'I promised to never leave you. and you promised the same.' She breathed the words into his mouth. She felt him shudder, his eyes opened, she smiled slightly 'I thought you were leaving me.' he didn't move.

His eyes stayed open and the rain water leaked into them, making them glassy and reflective. She could see her tear stained face and the red lace marks from the tears.

'Oh.you already did.' she saw the blood caked on her hands from his wound. She saw the tears and the rain mixing as one. She saw herself kneeling over her lover.

'Goodbye.' She trembled as she closed his eyes gently with her fingers. 'But not forever.'

By Siobhan Date: 23/May/2004