An Unwilling Pariah
Am I an abomination?
The Bible says it's so.
Such are the words of God the Father,
And I guess that He would know.
They tell me that I chose this,
My damnation and my sin.
It's the product of my wicked mind,
This evil that dwells within.
But yet I simply can't recall,
Choosing to live in fear,
To walk the streets in terror,
And be called a "fag" and "queer."
And I really don't remember
My decision to burn in Hell.
And yet for loving whom I love,
I'm likened to he that Fell.
But what I do recall are sleepless nights,
Spent speaking endless litanies.
Crying through the dark to God,
To cure me of my disease.
But those prayers fell on deaf ears, it seems.
For I remained unchanged.
Cursed to walk for many years,
From my life, estranged.
And how many nights did I sit poised,
The knife upon the wrist?
Condemnations in my mind abound,
Thinking that I should not exist.
So I really can't agree,
When told I chose my Fate.
I may be a pariah,
But not by my own make.