When You Set A Heart On Fire

Rebecca Jones


Kenneth rolled his eyes at his brother. "She's just a girl Jason."

Jason snorted. "Just a girl? She's the most notorious outlaw in her Kingdom, and her father is too stupid to notice."

"Then why in Hell would you agree to marry her?"

"Because I need him as an ally. With the Tribes of the North on the move as they are, the Western Kingdom is the best ally I could possibly have."

"I don't think you should really be complaining about her, Jase. You're name is no the cleanest one either."


Alys bit her lip, looking at the pile of clothes they had laid out on her bed. "This is crazy Shoe. How can they do this to me? They promised I would get to choose who I married, and not only have they broken that promise, but the man they choose is a villain. Last summer he set fire to three of his own villages because he was sick of them complaining about taxes. He killed his own mother, and he's raped about every girl in his Kingdom. How can they do this to me?"

Shoe looked at the floor. "They found out about your little escapades. That's about all I can think of."

Alys's eyes widened and she charged at Shoe. "You told them? How could you! You horrible wretch! I'll kill you!"

"No Princess, I swear to you I didn't say a thing. I'm just saying that if they did find out they'd want to get you out of here as soon as possible."

"But marry Jason?"

"Yes, Jason, the King of the Eastern Kingdom."

"The King of filth is more like it."