Leyla and Kenneth worked hard to heal the land, to rebuild the broken. They realized it was a feat beyond their wildest dreams, but they knew that together they could handle it. And near the winter, Leyla bore Kenneth a child, the first female to ever be named heir in the Kingdom. She was called Gueneth, which meant, power, in Leyla's tongue. And just after Gueneth was born, the sun began rising fully, and the people were filled with a new hope, a new joy, for surely the future held something great, something wonderful. Surely the dark times were over.

Kenneth had promised Ara that he would continue searching for the children, and he did. There was a small group of guards that never ceased their search, and, as Ara put it sometime later, they looked everywhere except where the children were. But they would be found one day, this was something Ara trusted. It was a pity she didn't know the circumstances.

The South was at odds with Kenneth's land, for the new ruler was inclined to believe that Jason himself had murdered Kiola and the child that was his Kingdom's heir, and, though Jason was dead, the new ruler was untired. So, to keep him quiet, Kenneth offered him a bride, a woman whose leadership skills were uncanny, whose spirit and beauty unmatchable- a woman any other man would die for. The Lord of the South agreed to marry Ara, happy to have her, knowing her worth. And the East and the South became allies, though now it seemed they were not enemies with anyone.

The Southern Lord was kind to Ara, realizing she had been in love, and that she had only married him for the welfare of her Kingdom. He asked nothing of her, simply joyed in her company. And every once in a while he would take her back to the palace of the East, and watch as she paced through her old rooms, the ghost of a smile on her face, and he knew that when she was in those rooms she was lost in another world, with another man, and that then, at least, she was truly happy.

Just to their North, in Castle Doom, things were as they always were in a place where time was stopped and the world was stilled. The residents were peaceful and happy, their leader, the brave, handome knight Alex, and his lover, Alys, were more than the people ever hoped for. They had two children, their eldest, a boy named Goldferth, after Alex's father, and their second, a girl named Kiola, after Alex's lost sister, who had been Irga's best friend.

And deep in the mountains, behind Castle Doom, a group of Shaman people were raising four children in secret, and with a grim purpose. Four children who, consequently enough, had the power to shape the entire Isle's future. And who would.

**************************************************************************** ** The end. Story continues in Sequel: "From the Darkness"