The flames of sunset
Leave the sky
And darkness flooding
Makes color die
Black, murky ebony
Clouds my view
Scared, lost and alone
I turn to you

In you I now place
My hope and trust
I lower my eyes
Down to the dust
Squeeze them closed tightly
And loose my tears
Whispering softly
To you my fears

I confess to you now
All I've done wrong
Plead for your mercy
Then rise in song
You grant me forgiveness
I am set free
All has been paid for
Once on a tree

Lifting up my eyes
With hope anew
See the blackness fade
To midnight blue
A lone star appears
Sparkling untamed
And stirs in my heart
Feelings unnamed

I cannot explain
All this I feel
I think I must thank
Your power to heal
No longer alone
You're by my side
I've nothing to fear
Nothing to hide