Story Title: Money Job

Author: lital_tee

Chapter Title: Raise

Rating: R

Warnings: masturbation, M/M oral sex, language

Notes: This story is my own. Don't take it.


They had always said that he looked good in nothing. His long silver hair reached mid-thigh and complemented his pale white skin perfectly. Ice blue eyes completed the effect, although their gaze often left you feeling quite hot.

He never complained when a girl from work began calling him by his last name, Frost. In fact, he rarely spoke at all. But, when he did, people leaned close to hear his soft melodious voice and what he had to say.

And on a day, not unlike any other, he went to his boss, nicknamed Duke, for his constant commands, and asked for a raise. His voice was soft, but his tone spoke volumes. "I need two hundred dollars more a month."

His boss looked at him and put a hand on his shoulder companionably. Frost merely looked at the hand and Duke snatched it back, as if he had been bitten. "Frost, baby, you know that a decision such as this can't be taken lightly."

Frost looked up at the taller man. "You pay, or I walk away."

Duke took a step forward, hoping to intimidate him into backing down. "We have a contract. You can't just leave. Not because you want more money."

"I don't want it, I need it. My landlord jacked up my rent again." Frost studied the older man for a moment then turned and walked away.

Duke lunged forward to catch the boy's arm, but Frost neatly sidestepped, causing Duke to miss. "If you need a place to stay, baby, come to my place. My only rent is entertainment." He leered at Frost. "You know you'd like it. Don't deny it, Frost!"

"I do that kind of shit at work, and I'd have to do it at 'home,' too?" Frost walked across the room, almost gliding, like he did whenever he moved. Duke remained still for a moment, astonished that Frost swore. He ran a hand through his thick brown hair, stomped his foot childishly, then sighed and let his hand drop back down to his side.

Frost opened the door to exit the room when Duke called out, "Fine, you got it. The raise is yours, but don't expect another anytime soon!"

The boy's spun-silver hair bobbed in a nod, acknowledging that Duke had given in.

"See you tomorrow morning, Frost! Bright and early!" Duke called out to the closing door. He raked a hand through his hair and began to undo his belt buckle on the way to his desk. He got it undone after a moment of difficulty, and sat heavily in his comfy black office chair.

Unzipping his jeans, Duke mumbled, "That boy gets me hot without even trying!" He let out a breath of relief as his half-engorged member was no longer restricted. He took it in hand and gently rubbed the weeping tip. He stroked the full length of his shaft, pausing to caress his balls.

The soft sound of his door being shut alerted him to another presence in the room. It was Rain, another 'worker' there. He stood in a matching silver set of tank top and long pants from a photo shoot earlier that day.

"Hey, Duke," Rain purred, his voice low and sensual. "I see you're having a little difficulty there. Care for some… assistance?"

"Gods, yes, Rain!" Duke eyed the boy- he was fairly tall, about six feet, but no match for Duke's own six-five frame. Rain had a fairly muscular body, but not overtly, like a body builder- much more like a gymnast. His red-gold hair was styled in messy waves that were always falling over his ears and into his liquid-gold eyes. His skin was golden from the sun and now it fairly well glowed in the dim lighting, reflecting the light from the sweat of lust and the oil rubbed in from earlier.

Rain sauntered over with movements so much like Frost's that Duke couldn't help but compare them. Where Rain was taller than average, Frost was shorter than average at five-seven. Frost had the body of a dancer, long, graceful, and wiry, yet still muscular. Frost often wore his hair in a pony-tail, but for the shoots, he always wore it undone. Frost was silent most of the time, and Rain was loud and outspoken, but both had beautiful voices. Frost was more likely to intimidate someone to get what he wanted, whereas Rain would use his body to his advantage.

And use his body, he did. Well, his mouth anyway. Rain was now kneeling in front of the office chair, his hands on Duke's knees, fingers splayed to give Rain better access to his boss' 'goods,' as Duke often called them.

Rain leaned forward and blew on the proffered shaft that quivered before him. Duke's hands found their way into Rain's hair, caressing the silky strands. With a slight nudge, he urged Rain to begin his ministrations.

Without preamble, Rain dipped forward again and licked the shaft from base to tip, before running his pink tongue around the head. Duke hissed in pleasure and tried to shift closer to the hot, inviting mouth.

Rain withdrew and tsked him, "Don't move, or face the consequences!" He grinned, showing that he was only half-serious. He then went back to erotically tracing patterns over the man's large cock. Duke was half afraid and half hopeful of what this so-called 'punishment' could be, so he held still for as long as he could.

"Such a good boy," Rain purred, changing positions to get closer. His tongue then delved into the slit where a slightly bittersweet taste awaited.

Duke was unprepared for the sudden assault of pleasure and began to squirm frantically, hoping to get some friction. The feeling lessened as Rain moved away with a sad smile on his face. "You moved." He stated simply. Duke felt his stomach drop, and looked truly repentant, but did not offer an apology.

Rain produced a blindfold, seemingly out of nowhere, but Duke privately suspected that the boy had come prepared. 'Come.' The thought sent another spark of pleasure racing to his loins. The blindfold was tied securely around his eyes, and his 'punishment' began.

Little licks were delivered all along the man's shaft, seemingly at random. Then they completely stopped before his member was engulfed into a hot cavern of pleasure in one fell swoop. Duke thrust forward, deep-throating his center of pleasure.

Rain began to hum, deep in his throat, quickly bringing his boss closer to climax. He then withdrew and expertly bound Duke's hands to the arms of the chair. The man was quickly becoming apprehensive, but Rain reassured him by deep-throating him again, making small swallows against the blood-engorged shaft.

He pulled away and began pumping the shaft bringing Duke to the teetering edge of orgasm, but Rain stopped right before Duke came.

Duke was now panting with need and was thrusting blindly into the air. He was in too much pain/pleasure to care how he looked. "W-Why did you stop?" The man growled.

The golden-eyed boy chuckled at the sight before him. If only he had a camera… "I need to ask a favour." Rain grinned at the crest-fallen look on Duke's face. "I don't give blowjobs for free, you know."

"What?" Duke grit out. "What do you want?"

"I need a raise. Ten percent."

"Fuck!" Duke sighed, and gave a small pelvic thrust. "If I agree, will you finish what you started?"

Rain laughed. "You only ever think with your 'little head,' don't you?" He smiled at the pure need on Duke's face. "Yes, I'll finish you off with a bang."

"It's yours, then. But, hurry!" Duke scowled then let out a sigh of relief as he was once again taken into the hot and talented mouth of Rain.

True to his word, Rain drew it out, then finished it quickly, throwing Duke into the awaiting arms of a tremendous orgasm. When Duke finally recovered and opened his eyes, he found that he was no longer bound and on his desk was a quickly scrawled note:

Thanks for the raise!


PS clean yourself up.

Duke looked down and saw that he had spurt his seed all over his own stomach, which was clothed in a dark navy tee. So much for easy concealment. He'd have to borrow a shirt from the costume rack.

He did up his pants, and pulled the shirt off over his head, and threw it into a corner of his office. As he exited the small room, he heard whistles and cat calls from around the lobby. He paused for a moment for a mock pose, grinning, then continued to the costume room where he grabbed a warm silver tank top from the weight-lifting set that had been used a few hours prior.

Tugging the shimmering shirt on over his head, Duke breathed in deeply, relishing in scent of Rain, who had worn it not moments earlier. He sighed contentedly, although he wished it had been Frost who had worn it.

'Frost,' Duke thought, 'Why are you always so cold towards me?' He pushed away from the wall he found himself leaning against and left the room, fully intent on going home for the day to his new condo in an upscale neighbourhood close by.

He waved his 'secretary' off and left the building going towards his new silver convertible.

Neon lights shone in the silvered paint of the car. If one stopped to read the sign over the door of the building, one might be both shocked and enlightened, for it read, 'Duke's Porn Palace.'