Story Title: Money Job

Author: lital_tee

Chapter Title: Dressing Room

Rating: R

Warnings: language, M/F kissing

Notes: This story is my own. Don't take it.

Dressing Room

The next day, after Frost had snuck out of Ms. Aren's class, he made his way to the library where he 'acquired' Rain's schedule. With no one the wiser, he left with the printout in hand.

As Frost made his way to the science hall, which was where Rain's current class was, he noticed a neon flier on the wall- identical to the one Mrs. Kenmore had given him.

'Romeo and Juliet- The Musical,' It proclaimed. 'Sign up for a tryout slot in the auditorium. Tryouts will be Thursday and Friday.'

"Teil!" A voice shouted from behind him. Frost simply sighed and turned to meet his new boyfriend.

Frost kissed Rain when he neared and it took a moment for the goofy grin to relax from the taller boy's face. "Are you going to sign up?"

"For the play?" Frost asked.


"I have to."

Rain caught the smaller boy's lips in another kiss. "You don't have to do anything, Teil."

Frost just let it drop. "Do you know where the auditorium is?"

Ran raised an eyebrow. "I'm a theatre major."

"I know."

Rain reached out an began to play with Frost's braid-kinked hair. "Yeah, I'll show you."

"Rayan," Frost bit his lip.


"Please don't."

Rain immediately stopped messing with the long silver tresses. "But, why?"

Frost almost whispered. "I have a shoot this evening."

Rain grinned. "You're a model?" He kissed the boy on the top of his head. "My boyfriend, the model!"

Frost gave a small sad smile that Rain didn't see. "Yeah, something like that."

Rain kissed him on the lips again. "Your lip looks better today."

Frost sighed. "My bruises just look worse."

"I'll do your make-up before your shoot. No one will know."

"It won't work." Frost shook his head. "My skin is too pale."

"Well, we have to go to the auditorium anyway. Let's stop by the dressing rooms and we'll try it."

Frost simply nodded in acquiescence.

After Rain had shouldered Frost's bag, much to the smaller boy's annoyance, they made their way across the campus, with Rain's arm wrapped about Frost's shoulders in a declaration of possession.

As they neared the theatre hall, people began calling out their hellos to Rain, and often mistaking Frost for a girl.

They entered the building and Rain guided Frost to the dressing rooms. "What do you play?" He asked suddenly.

Frost blinked. "Play?"

"You had practice yesterday. In the music hall."

"Oh, my evaluation." Frost shook his head. "I don't play, I sing."

Rain did a double-take. "You're shitting me! I was gonna get you into the orchestra! You, my dear, Teil, will be on stage!"

Frost rolled his eyes, "Joy."

Rain entered the dressing room that he used most often and began to rummage through boxes of garments, handing some to Frost. "Here. Go try these on. I'll do your make up once you've changed."

When Frost began to untie the silver laces to the white pants he wore, Rain swore. "Damn it, Teil! There's a change room!" Then he turned on the ball of his foot so he wouldn't see more.

"Why won't you watch me?" Frost sounded both hurt and curious.

Rain turned back to face the silver-haired beauty. His white sweatshirt on the floor, his pants unlaced and his silver boxers showing slightly. Rain looked him over and licked his lips. His voice was hoarse. "You- you want me to watch you?"

Frost nodded and began to unbutton his shirt. "You're my boyfriend."

Rain took a single step forward and had Frost by the shoulders. "That shouldn't be it! Teil, don't ask me again until you want me to watch. Not your 'boyfriend.'"

"What about our deal?"

"I'll win you over. Just you wait." Rain grinned then quickly sobered up. "I don't want to take what's not freely given."

"You may have to wait a while."

"I can be patient."

"Deal, then." Frost leaned up and kissed Rain, then turned and entered the change room.

Rain brought up a sun-kissed hand to his lips. "Freely given," he whispered.

After a few moments of silence, Frost spoke. "Are you sure you grabbed the right clothes, Rayan?"

"Yeah. Come out and show me."

The curtain was thrust back. Frost wore a light shade of periwinkle that really suited his eyes. He frowned slightly. "I'm not going out there in a dress, Rayan!"

"Oh, come on, Teil! Just for the audition." Rayan begged.

A quick know came at the door before it opened. A tiny dark-haired girl stood there. "Director's sick, Rayan. He's not staying for much longer, better get him out there. And get him some breasts for goodness sakes! He looks like a boy in a dress!"

Frost lifted his chin. "Miss, would you help me? Rain," he said, stressing the name, "would obviously have no idea how to do my hair." He looked at Rain's unruly red-gold hair pointedly.

"Sure!" Once she had shooed Rain out of the room, she turned back to Frost, and chuckled slightly. "I never thought I'd see the day. Not only are you not wearing white, but a dress that's not white!"

He raised an eyebrow. "You know who I am, then?"

"Of course!" She snorted softly. "You're Frost and I'm Leah." She made a little twirling motion with her hand. "Now, turn around."

Frost did as he was bid, sighing inaudibly as Leah began to toy with different hair styles. He melted into her touch and almost didn't notice when she said, "All done!"

He brought a hand up to examine the style, but she bat it away. "Don't touch!"

She rummaged through some boxes like Rain had done. "Ah," she said, holding up two fake breasts. "Here they are." Leah moved behind him and undid his zipper. "Pull the front off so I can position them."

Frost removed his arms from the sleeves, unconsciously seductive, not looking at Leah or the dress, but swaying slightly.

"Tell me you don't-" She cut herself off with a gasp. "Oh, my God!"

He looked up at her sharply but her eyes were glued to the mass of bruises on his chest. "If Rayan did this… I will murder him!" Her eyes flashed in rage as she made for the door.

"Leah!" Frost tackled the infuriated girl to the floor, suddenly tangled in the costume. "Rayan didn't do it! He protected me from worse!"

She started to sob and Frost hesitantly gathered the small girl to his side. "Shhh…" He whispered. He could feel her hot tears splash against his naked chest. He pulled the girl into his lap and smoothed her hair as he rocked her slowly.

"What about your shoot?" She whispered through her tears.

With his finger, Frost raised the girl's chin so she had no choice but to meet his ice blue eyes. "What do you know of my shoot?" He asked softly.

"Enough." She wiped her eyes and stood, before offering him a hand up.

He pulled himself up and picked up the fake breasts from where they lay, forgotten. "How do you know?"

She ignored him as she positioned the breasts and did up the zipper.

"Leah," he said warningly, pulling her flush against his badly bruised body. He slowly leaned down and captured her lips. After a moment of ravaging her mouth, he pulled away, leaving her breathless. "How do you know?"

"Duke-" She looked away before finding the courage to meet his astonished gaze. "Duke is my brother."


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