Chapter One

"Ah! Where did I put my keys!?" 22-year-old Jasmin Ralstin exclaimed loudly. "Jesse!" She yelled to her fiancé of two years.

"What!?" He asked back yelling. He was in the upstairs bathroom fixing his hair, while Jasmin was downstairs searching frantically for her car keys. If she didn't find them soon, she'd be late for class. Again.

"Have you seen my keys??"

"They're on your nightstand honey, where you always leave them!" 23- year-old Jesse McCartney answered to his fiancé.

Then he heard Jasmin run up the stairs of their two-story condo, and then out of the corner of his eye, saw her rush into their bedroom.

She came back out and quickly walked over to him. "Thank you." Jasmin said and then gave him a kiss on the lips.

"Your welcome." And Jesse returned the kiss and then said, "Now get to school and have a good day."

"You too." Jasmin replied and left.

Jesse heard the car door slam shut and then her screeching away. He shook his head and smiled as he walked back into the bedroom to grab his wallet and keys.

For two years he and Jasmin had been engaged. Each other's fiancé's, to become husband and wife. Soon. They still hadn't chosen a date, and everyone was getting anxious for them to tie the knot. Except themselves.

Jasmin still had a year left in college that she wanted to finish, so she could get her masters degree in journalism. She loved to write, and was in the middle of writing a novel. She hoped to get it published.

However, Jesse had finished college the year before and got his bachelor degree in fine arts. Acting and Singing. He sang as his major career, and acted on the side. He didn't sing with the guys of Dream Street anymore. They had spilt up about 3 years before. Although they all keep in touch, Jesse went solo, as well as Chris and Greg, but Matt and Frankie chose an acting career.

Jesse's currently working on his third CD, and there are many more to come before he ever decided to retire from this career he loved so much.

He still remembered the day perfectly clear when he asked Jasmin to become his wife. It was on a nice warm spring day. April 3rd to be exact. Just after Jasmin's birthday when she turned 20, and just before his own when he'd turn 21. The sun was out and made it warm enough, that there was no chill in the air, like there usually was, and so they didn't have to wear jackets. They were walking through central park, hand in hand and smiling. Jesse had the ring in his pocket, and was waiting to find the perfect place to propose. As for Jasmin, she had absolutely no idea that in about five minutes she'd be the happiest woman alive. Finally Jesse had found the spot. There was a white fountain and beautiful flowers like daisies, tulips, and lily's all surrounding it. All of Jasmin's favorite. He had told Jasmin to sit on the bench by the flowers and then he himself slowly got down to one knee, holding her hands. Jasmin's mouth was hung open and had been about to say something when Jesse put his finger on her lips to silence her. He pulled out the dark blue velvet box that contained the ring and smiled. He had looked up at Jasmin then and his smile grew. She looked so surprised and had a small grin. And then Jesse had spit out what he had wanted to ask her for the past year, "Jasmin will you marry me?" Jasmin had screamed out yes without hesitating and started to cry. She had thrown her arms around him, as he did to her, and the two had sat there on the ground in each other's arms smiling. They were going to be together forever. Like they'd always wanted.

Every day Jesse relived that moment. He couldn't wait until the actual day came, and they both would say, "I do."