9 months later

"ARGHHHHHH!" Jasmin screamed. "I am never letting you get me pregnant again!" She squeezed Jesse's hand hard as she pushed. Desperately wanting them babies out of her, so the pain would stop.

"It's alright honey." Jesse tried to soothe her.

"No it's not! If you hadn't of gotten me knocked up I wouldn't be in pain!" Just to show him how much pain she was in she squeezed his hand harder.

Jesse winced and looked at the doctor. "Is this normal?" He asked.

The doctor just smiled. "Believe me, all the wives say things they don't mean."

"Alright, they heads crowning. Just one more push Jasmin." She pushed with all her might. "That's it. Okay, the first baby is out and it's a. boy! Congratulations!"

Jesse looked at Jasmin in awe and wonder. "It's a boy Jasmin. We have a boy." He smiled.

She smiled in return, but then her face scrunched up as she could feel another contraction coming on. Jasmin whimpered in pain.

Jesse wiped away her hair that was falling in front of her face. "It's okay baby. It's almost done. A few more pushes and the second one will be out."

Jasmin nodded and started to push again. In a matter of minutes the second baby was out. The doctor smiled again. "Well, it looks like you two got yourself a little girl too."

Jesse's eyes widened. "A boy and a girl." He whispered. He laid a soft kiss on Jasmin's forehead and smiled. "I love you Jasmin."

"I love you too Jesse." She answered softly and smiled. She was exhausted. But she wanted to hold her babies. She turned to the doctor. "Can I hold them now?"

He nodded. He brought one over wrapped in a blue blanket and put him in Jasmin's arms. Then another nurse brought the other wrapped in a pink blanket and put her in Jasmin's other arm.

Jasmin snuggled close to them. "Jesse look at them. They're beautiful. They both have your eyes, and they'll probably have your hair. But they'll have my nose." Jasmin smiled.

"Yeah they are beautiful. Just like their mother." Jesse leaned over them and kissed the top of each baby's head. "I love you Jasmin." He whispered softly.

"I love you too Jesse." She whispered back.

And then they kissed each other, knowing that they would be together for eternity.