She smiles like it's nothing
But there's a venom there that
Simply wasn't there before
Good God, it stings you.

And it makes me wonder,
Strange things are happening these days
And all my heroes are gone away.

What's an angry kid to do
When they've taken away
All our reasons to be
Angry, these days.

God is moving to Florida.
Well, let him go
Because I am fourteen
And I know everything.
Won't you let it last a while

Forgone H-bombs everywhere
We roll our eyes, we spike our hair
Living in the devil's lair
And we don't care

Kids these days
It's something more
Than just a phase.

We are the kids of two thousand four
The teenage thugs and the child whores
The kids that try to fill the shoes
Of the deadbeat dads who live on booze.

Diarrhea of the brain
Going insane
In the blinding lights
Of the charging train

We're ok
The worst is yet to come
The beautiful world we live in
Is on the edge and
It's our job to watch it fall
Kamikaze dreamers in the tempest, La la la.


It's crazy
Won't you stay here,
Next to me?
Rock my world,
And we'll ride out the storm together
Here in the tavern, in the rain
Scared and ready
Heavy, heavy-
Hearted and all we can do is

I haven't given up yet
It's just that I'm getting tired
Don't hold my arms up
'cause I'm Ok.
I'm OK.