Why did I have to meet a person like you?
Why did you have to hurt a person like me?
What did I do to deserve this shit?
What made you do this to me?

All the hatred inside of me has taken over me.
You can no longer hurt me.
I won't take this shit from you no more.
You're a lousy excuse for a human, you dog.

How could you stitch some one up like that?
Why did you think I would let you continue?
What makes you think that I'll let you hurt me?
Why did I have to meet somebody like you?

Depending on you is done.
I'll no longer hold my emotion back
You'll soon feel a wrath.
The wrath of a thousand war-torn soldiers.
The wrath of me.

I'll never know why you chose to be such a dog.
Because the next time we meet I'll floor you.
And make you stain the floor red.
And then I'll never acknowledge you ever again.