Ten worlds we walk
And in each behold
the presence of the others unfold

The lower realms are dark indeed
We perceive the world in mind of greed
Hellishly brooding in deep despair
Hunger insatiable holds us here
Animality rules with unjust fear
Lashing out brutally to succeed
Suffering for wont not need

One step up upon a ladder
Leading from these realms beneath
Anger boils and tempers soar
Here we come to love no more
All things seen we disregard
Then dulled are we
Our minds and bods
When we be swayed by Humanity
Anything breathed here
Hurts us greatly
Yet we react and
Fall back steadily

Yet there are times when things go right
Thus you can see when hearts alight
For even one fleeting second
Rapture flares then quickly extinguished
Leaving us bared
These broken gifts
Once newly received
Are quickly seen for what they are
Be it boat or plane or car
Everything new grows old with wear

And Learning here
We Realize at last
That knowledge bears no fruit unused
So we take in and analyze that wisdom
And use it to some great ambition
As Bodhisattvas we share these visions
With open arms and open minds
Yet something clouded stands behind
There is still one step left to claim
A goal we'll reach by spoken word
When eyes are opened
And dreams are dreamed
And lives be lived
By expedient means

And mystic laws evoked by all
The calming of the Buddha's shawl
When spread to this world as one
United beneath our benevolent sun
This earth will be festooned with hope
Enveloped with an all calming peace
We will rejoice
Kosen-Rufu is reached