Sheltered alcove

~a Mormon perspective

I begged my father for all I had in life
He protected me and drove off the night
Kept me in the light safe from all things
The good and the bad are what he deems

I lived each day the way my father told me to
Hidden away locked up because it is true
The devil travels in packs on the road
He lives in the heart of heathens
He speaks and they do
They murder and steal
And lie and deceive
He poisons the very air they breathe

And now that I have come of age
I carefully set out yet I try to gage
The closeness of those whose devilish breath I smell
The hatred that burns behind their dark eyes
The pressure is on and I try not to cry
Where is my father why does he not save me
I am under attack and I don't know ,
Maybe I like some of the things I see
But if I like it then the devil must be in me

I seek and I cry and I hide until I find
Another alcove that I can make into mine
I work hard and pack it full of love
I find a man who reminds me of the man up above
He loves me and treats me like a treasured child
But if I misstep his temper goes wild
He's vengeful and mean and burns with a passion
The passion I have felt from the Christ
As he lashes me his fist like a vise
Choking the life from my soul
Holding me tightly and I now behold the power of this love
That Jesus felt for me he could withstand such pain
He did this for me
And I do it now for myself because I am like Christ
I feel his pains I would suffer his tryst
My husband loves me as Jesus does
I can tell by the scars
On my head and arms and feet even palms
And I cry and recite all the psalms
I suffer the burden of heavens alms