When stopped along the path

He's gone now
Long down the road
His shadow a figment of what he used to be
Seen from a distance he could be anything
Anyone lost on the road
Dust drifting in lazy puffs at each foot fall

He sat here for a while
By the wayside watching others pass
Watching their expressions
Desperation determination confidence
Yet looking back on their foot steps
Some watching bridges burn with remorse
Others heads held high walk on with out a second glance

He has no past to look back on no thoughts on what was
or what could have been holds him back
head down , eyes averted against the setting sun
forever on the horizon setting yet growing brighter
everything to look forward to yet nothing at all
unchained by the weight of the world he marches on

There are those who wonder why he stopped here
Why he sat with questing eyes watching those who passed
Was he scouting their path?
Seeing their past obscured from their eyes by distance or remorse
Reading the future in dirt swirls around their feet ?
Or simply stopping to see the small things

Yes there are others on this dusty rugged path
But the pot holes distract from their presence
Some are small toe catchers
Some are vast chasms that suck you in
But most are just simple bumps that toss you off balance
Forcing you to focus on the path you must take
Ignoring the scenery that gets you there

Yes there is beautiful scenery
Only seen when feet stop moving minds stop racing
Gorgeous suns sets all around
More dazzling than the ultimate one that awaits on the horizon
Summer breezes whisper through autumn leaves
Spring greens sprout in the frozen snow drifts of deepest winter
Warming hearts and minds and souls of those who stop to smell the roses
Leading to endless meadows of truth prosperity and happiness

Not until I caught him did I stop wondering 'why and what'
Instead I sat next to him seeing what he saw
Breathing the sweet winds of hope that he inhaled deeply
Glazed eyes seeing beyond the dusty road to what most will never see as they race ahead
Scrambling through the dirt and dust ignoring the verdant fields to all sides

He stands, an old and tired man
but the smile on his face is that of eternal youth.
I remained behind as he started his final walk
No more stops along his route
His horizon loomed closer than mine
This time the sun he saw preparing for its final show
I watch him walk away a light airy step
Head high with acceptance
The sky colors sparkling on one of many horizons
Rose petal red posy pink and the richest Baltic blue ever seen
I smile as his shadow fades away he disappears into oblivion

People pass
Arrogance fear hope
Humility anxiety courage
Shine in their eyes
As questions buzz in their minds
I sit and watch as He did
I cannot scout their paths for these passing strangers
I cannot see their past
Nor divine the future in the rising dust
But I can see the small things
Things most are in to much of a hurry to appreciate
until they reach that final horizon
and turn longing looks back on the past they wish could be changed

I know I will not be one of those people
Behind me many bridges stand awaiting passage
Many rivers forged not dammed
Sunsets viewed and flowers smelled
"Someday" and "maybe" will not come by me
Choices will be made from the heart
And the little things appreciated with import

Someone approaches from the past
Eyes wide with fearful questions
I smile and wave as she draws near
Two more speed by almost knocking her from her feet
But my hands made to help
Are a welcoming comfort as she settles beside me
Watching those who rush speeding off
Into oblivion while we enjoy the small things
Watching suns set on pallets of bluest skies
As the seasons pass in a blur of snow heat rain and wind
Living the good life