Dear Daddy,

I stand here alone just waiting for you.

I'm all alone and I don't know what to do.

You always were the one that understands

That I'm alone one the beach with the sand.

There are memories of you that I still carry,

But what do I do when I'm about to marry?

You'll never talk with me about a silly song,

There's nothing I can do with you.  You're gone.

I loved you so much, and never told you,

Exactly what I meant when I said the word "moo."

To you I never explained my school life,

You'll never see me be anybody's wife.

I loved you so much, and now I'm standing alone,

I wonder now, can I ever change my heart of stone?

My dreams consist of memories so precious,

Of sunglasses, our music, and my favorite dress.

My mind is racing with thoughts of you as I type.

I remember when we went to the park to fly a kite.

I never had the chance to kiss you once more,

I'm sorry I once called your wife a whore.

I'll never get to apologize for my mistakes,

If you could see me now, see my 17th cake.

There are so many things you never saw me do,

But I'll finish by saying "I miss you."

**Special thanks to my father who was always there.  He never gave up on me and he always stood 100% (minus the fact that he was a quadriplegic) behind me.  I'll miss him very much and so will many other people.  I love you Dad!!