Title: There are moments
Author: Heather P.

There are moments which are sublime,
When nothing is able to hold you together,
And you feel like you are going to fly apart,
Laughing all the while.
Those are the great moments,
But there are other types of moments as well.
When tears don't seem to express all of the pain,
And medication doesn't work at all.
Then there are the inbetween moments,
Inbetween the small smiles you get when you see children playing,
Or met that random person who turns out to be nice.
Inbetween that person with the cute butt at the mall who caught you looking,
And who actually smiled back, making you laugh.
Inbetween those friends who never stayed with you,
Making you wonder why they ever came to you in the first place.
Inbetween the person who you loved but didn't love you back,
Who couldn't tell you before you found out another way, the more hurtful way.
But there will be more children playing,
More cute asses, (hopefully more and more of those, never can get enough of those)
More fake friends but even better real ones,
And always more of those people who couldn't love and respect you but there will be that one person who always can,