Author's note: I have always loved Greek and Roman mythology and was inspired to write this piece after a Latin lesson at school. It's just going to be a series of chapters about the lives of the various Gods and Goddesses, I hope you will like it and please review! I value your opinions, and no flames, only constructive criticism please. (Soz about the title, it's a bit cheesy but I was never good of thinking of decent ones.)

The morning

The stars of the milky way sparkled and twinkled as they spread across the dark sky, like a path, a path that lead to a realm so beautiful and perfect it was beyond the imagination of mere mortals. It lead to the top of one of the most forbidding and huge mountains in the world, Mount Olympus, upon which lived beings as imposing as the mountain itself.

To enter the realm you had to go through huge golden gates forged from the purest gold and which only opened for immortals or a few honoured souls. Perched on marble pillars either side of the gate were two eagles also made of purest gold, with seeing stones for their eyes, for they were the watchbirds of Zeus and saw all that happened.

The palace beyond the walls was beautiful. All ornate pillars, long colonnades and grand halls, surrounded by a beautiful garden, with white swirling mists of cloud here and there. Not because there were clouds at this height, Olympus was much taller, but because Zeus had found the mortal image of Olympus rather amusing and put them there, much to his wife's annoyance.

The nightglow from the stars and moon reflected off the palace giving it a soft pearly glow. Most were asleep but one woman stood silent and still, so much so she could have been mistaken for a statue.

Like all the gods she was tall, over 6ft. She had long, thick velvety dark hair, like night and she wore a wreath of starflowers in her hair. Her soft pale skin was illuminated by moonlight and she looked so delicate and fragile just then, but she was Artemis, goddess of the moon and hunting and quite frankly few people rarely crossed her and lived.

Just then she moved and swept off swiftly down the colonnade, down the giant steps, through the gardens to the stables. There one of her nymph attendants stood calming down giant majestic white stallions.

Nymphs are immortals as well, but they did not have the same powerful aura that the gods possessed. Theirs was a more natural, earthy magic and their image seemed to be a more trick 'o the light quality then the boldness of the gods.

This nymph handed the reins of the stallions over to her mistress, and started to walk away slowly, as if she was waiting for something to happen. She bumped into Helios, gave him a flirtatious smile, which was reciprocated, before she hurried away.

"You should stop flirting with my handmaids," admonished Artemis sharply, stepping into her silver chariot. "They will remain chaste like me or be disgraced and banished."

The golden god smiled at her. "I cannot help it if they fall for my charms," he teased. "I don't encourage them."

Artemis snorted; Helios, like all the male gods was a notorious womaniser.

Helios opened the door to two of the stalls and immediately a reddish gold light flooded the stables and seeped through the pearly clouds and beyond. He gave her his devastating smile. "Besides, my sweet Artemis, you know you're the one I want. Why else do I chase you through the skies every dawn…" he twined a dark lock around his finger. He absently noticed that in the light it turned a chestnut brown.

Artemis smacked his hand away and gave him a warning scowl.

"…and run away from you in the evening!" he finished laughingly.

Artemis cracked her whip against her horses' flanks and soon her and her chariot were a speck in the sky. Helios readied his chariot and promptly gave chase.

And so a new day dawned…