I look into your eyes, flickering in the candel light,
I see your dreams, your soul, your desires lingering in your peaceful gaze,
I long to remain within your embrace, to hold you through eternity,
Feeling your warmth as part of me, hearing your gentle sigh,
As we dance together, laugh together, cry together,
Beneath the silver moon.

I wish that you could understand how much you mean to me,
How much your presence sooths my soul,
And wipes away the tears of old,
I wish you could see how the look in your eyes eases my inner pain,
And stops the endless flow of blood from my ever breaking heart,
How I wish you could see and understand.

If I died that night, at least I would die happy and at peace,
Lost within your strong embrace,
My fear of dying hurt and alone fade into the freezing wind,
As you hold me in your arms and tell me how I took your breath away,
As you tell me our friendship will never die, as you tell me,
You'll keep in touch forever.

How long is forever? So long it seems to be,
When will forever turn into never, when will you forget about me?
Nothing lasts forever in this world of hurt and pain,
How long until we both forget the night of magic, when promises were made?
I'll miss you when you drift away upon a different wind,
No one will see or know of the tears I'll cry within.

Remember me my angel, my friend,
Promise to never forget the times we shared together, all the laugher and
the tears,
Even if you lose the memory of me, I will continue to remember you always,
Your crooked smile and slew of impressions, but most of all your passion
for others,
And how you longed to make a difference in this darkened world,
When all else fails, I will never forget.

So, my strong Winged Guardian, my friend,
I watch you fly away from me to the veiled horizon of new beginnings,
Though you leave in body, your spirit remains with me always, even when
you're, forever gone.
I can't help but cry as I think of the places you'll go, the things you
will see,
Do you really understand how much I'll miss you when you're gone?

Best wishes for a bright future my friend of the gentle heart,
And now I'll bid you adieu,
I hope you see how much I'll miss you,
Please keep me forever in your heart, don't forget the Hawke you knew,
The girl you helped out of the unforgiving darkness,
With tears I say goodbye and,