A flicker of shadow swims through the night
A figment of beauty and blazing white
Dancing through the clouds, flying ever on
See the wonder of the Midnight Swan
With its wings spread wide it eclipses the moon
Silent except its harmonious tune
Nature's creation, born into flight
Elegant and graceful, free is the sprite
The Swan is perfect, as is his life
Free from the conflict, free from the strife
But up in the sky, there is its home
The eternal calm, there it will roam
And so the white wonder soars over the land
Life is better than it could have planned
A creature of the night, it still knows the sun
Like the first rays of dawn, life has begun
As it breaths in the deep, new breaths of air
It tastes the life, the love so rare
An even though he still feels the pain
Knowing your there, makes it all wane
And if he flounders you will be there
Offering support and showing you care
But the swan grew tired being forced to pretend
The truth was that you were more than a friend
Come with the bird and swim through the ocean
The swirling depths reflecting emotion
Together you stand, sing dance and cry
Join him on his travel through the open sky
Born into darkness, loving of light
Fly with the swan and all becomes right
Tomorrow is new, the battle is won
New possibilities, my Midnight Swan