I Am Gone…

I'm a gossiper

Aly, I can't believe he said that.

Help me…

I'm a feminist

I won't be treated like this

I'm better than that.

I'm a man-hater

Why are boys such perves?

I'm a lesbian

I don't want a boyfriend yet.

I'm a prude

I'm waiting for the right guy.

I overreact

I deserve better than that.

I babble

I need to talk…

I'm a liar

He hurt me first.

I have no feelings

I want to break up with you.

I'm the rejecter

After what you did to me.

I'm a psycho

For not wanting to be treated

Like a piece of shit

I pretend I was hurt

I cried on the phone

It was my fault

I told you to stop

Both times

Oh, Aly.

I trusted you.

I told you what he said

Because you were my friend

Why did you do this to me?

You were getting revenge?

I told you not to do this!

Victimized once


Victimized twice


Victimized thrice


I tried to be the nice one

The goody-two-shoes

Who never hurt a soul

I can't be that anymore…

            I'm no one's guardian angel

…black eyeliner

……gothic music

………jaded mind

It's all real now.

It has to be

To keep me here

I deserve this.

I remember I deserve this

I overreacted

To a guy objectifying girls

To a guy who didn't pay me back

It wasn't "important" enough

To a guy who claimed to like me

I'm a man-hater

For dumping guys who wrong me

I'm a psycho

For not letting him get away with this

I'm a stupid bitch

For having feelings of my own

I'm a f-----g feminist

Which is wrong

Oh, Aly

I didn't trust anyone else

Now down to one friend

Oh, Aly

You'll tell the rest

I'm mad at her, dislike Jim

You'll tell the rest

Like you told him

Oh, Aly

Thank you

I'm alone

I am gone