The Red Faerie

                          The Red Faerie

   Over the bloodstained fields, the red fairy flew.

    Wishing she knew how to make her life anew.

    For so many years she had delighted in the heat

    of battle and the thrill of the chase.

    Now many centuries of this have scarred her

    once beautiful face.

    Her flaming red hair was now coarse and rough,

    Instead of like in the old days when it was soft

    and as light as fluff.

    For many years she dwelled on those bloodstained


    Waiting to see what her life yields.

    But, alas, no help ever came.

    And her violent lifestyle stayed the same.

    Finally, she received the answer that she sought.

    It happened one day during a battle that was

    being most fiercely fought.

    As usual she took to soar over it like an angel of

    death in the sky.

    But suddenly, something caught her eye.

    It was a lone, bloody human soldier laying on the


    Even though his wounds were mortal, he kept a

    a face cheerful and sound.

    She asked him, "Why do you still smile at this

    field of pain on your death bed?"

    He just turned to the faerie, smiled, and said,

    " I know this moment will be my last,

      and that my life has passed.

      But what I've seen today in my dimming


      I feel as if what I was fighting for was just

      and right."

      Then the soldier breathed his last breath.

      And the faerie flew away from the oncoming

      stench of death.

      But as the faerie went,

      She finally knew what her life meant.

      She knew that, as the cycle of the rising and

      setting sun,

      Battles will always be fought and won.