Barefoot runs the bonny lass
Picking wildflowers as she goes
Wading through the leaves of grass
That kiss her cheek when the wind blows.

Dancing through the meadows green
In skirts that billow with the breeze
She makes her way through paths unseen,
Beneath the stars, among the trees.

She lifts her voice unto the moon
And sings to Her of days long past,
Yet mournful grows the merry tune
That dreams of love which could not last.

Alone she walks beneath the sky,
Unhindered by her weary feet
She wipes her tears, stifles a cry,
continues restless down the street.

Silent she walks beneath the sun
That lifts her heart and warms her face
Then, swiftly as the rivers run

she vanishes without a trace,
leaps to heaven, light as air,,
like a dancer in her grace.

Free of sorrow, free of care.
Still, her journey's far from done
with paths to walk and loads to bear

She does falter on her way,
but runs by night and walks by day

amidst the flowers all abloom
along life's path that leads to doom.