Why do people run?
Are they really having fun?
Their backs are turned
As the stakes are burned.

Is it fear?
Is that a tear?
The fire burns in their eyes
Showing the world their sack of lies.

Is this why they hide?
Why they can no longer abide?
Their fires have turned on them
Growing from their greed like a stem.

What is it that I see?
Why do they now flee?
They were so strong the day before
All that's left now is folk lore.

What is at stake now?
To whom do we bow?
Our masters are gone
Gone with the morning dawn.

What do we owe?
Must we continue low?
To our own greed, we grasp
Keeping tight hold with a clasp.

But what has swept in with the tide?
Why wasn't someone there to chide?
We now swim in the same fiery sea
Until the day death will set us all free...