All the fishing net lace has been ripped apart
The shards of my tear-stained heart splintered
Once more
I felt the river of fate slink through my fingers
And the fish got caught in the holes
The red spilling from my broken eyes
While cacophony of the city breaks through
The green hills are falling farther away
Blindly grasping what is left of our memories
Crying out, the fear comes back to consume
The splinters diving further within
I stab the words in over again
Blood sprinkled with glitter overflowing the walls
Paper scattered across the now damp floor
Swimming in the river to rekindle my hope
I awake to find that it wasn't a nightmare
I truly am broken inside

A/N: I love this one so much. Heh. O_o. It's kind of weird, eh? I like
it. ^-^. Magicalness. Whoo. o_O;;;;;; This is the only poem so far that
I've found decent enough to put up here, soo.. Whee. o.o