Sacrilege and Sand

They danced their heathen dances in gowns as white as snow

They twirled and gesticulated

But little did they know

The screams and cries of pain were few

But many felt the pain

The never saw them coming

The bombs as thick as rain

The best man and flower girls

The maidens and matrons all

Shattered and broken

Incinerated before they could fall

And over head soars Uncle America

Big brother to all nations

Destroying the just and saving the world

From all other celebrations

I'm here to help

He says with a smile

His heart is empty and dry

He grins and watch us suffer

He smiles when our fathers die

Your ways are wrong he tells us

This , my way is the best

So abandon your faith and take this

Or I'll put your faith to the test

So we young trustful people

Whose tradition is to follow

Put aside our lively hoods

And in his shadow wallow

We abandon our long held customs

Although he says there's not much change

He makes us in his image

These actions to us are so strange

And yet we follow dear uncle

He's helped so many before

But now we see his shadow

A demon cast on our door

Deliver your children Allah

Our big brother has lead us astray

He told us to change our ways

He bade us 'do so or pay'

He rapes our land of her beauty

He leads our women astray

He forces us from our temples

Or he bombs them to turn us away

Why do you destroy us Dear uncle of mine

My foreign neighbor at best

Why do you misjudge us

Label us all to detest

Not all of our people

Are as you have seen

Dishonest unjust or just mean

Many of us welcome this change

And with open arms let you in

But now we are wounded

By those same seeking hands

Those arms bound tight in poison

Our children are dying

Our world falls apart

And our mothers are stricken in heart

Our young one be swayed by national ways

And raise banners and bodies against you

Why did you come here with these false goals

Helping while filling yourself

Our dictator is now gone

Yet you stay on encouraging us to act out

Everything you do is laced with hatred

And though we try we cant figure you out

Are you what you say but never do

Or what our media portrays of you

Evil hearted foreigners who wish to mislead us

Take advantage of our lands and our views

Our leaders are gone

Our sects are still splintered

Our lands destroyed

Our lives in disorder

Our minds have been toyed

We have no idea what to do

Should we fight our or own people

These strangers or false friends

Our Neighbors or neighbors next door

We are confused

With no one to guide us

Our hearts have been held for too long

Release us great uncle

Return to your land

Leave us alone with our sacrilege and sands