Love Is Strange Like That

By Anime Queen


I felt so weak, so tired. The knife stuck in my side seemed to pin me down to the cold stone floor. No matter how hard I tried to get up the pain wouldn't let me.

I gave up trying. All things are fleeting in the end... He certainly seemed to think so. It was his hand pushing the knife through my skin after he missed with his gun. His eyes were so dark at that moment, just for a moment. Just for that second he seemed so ominous. But a second was all it took. One second of anger and I wasn't going to get up from the floor again. A single tear rolled down my cheek, and I did nothing to try and stop it.

Suddenly I didn't mind dying. He was there. I could hear his voice, calling my name over and over. I could see his face, a dark silhouette framed by a long mane of wild brown hair. I could look into his chocolate eyes, so deep and stable, now edged with sorrow. I could feel his hands caressing my face, sticky with red liquid. I could smell the gunpowder still in the air, mingled with the familiar smell of his cologne. The coppery sting of my blood filled my mouth, but I could still taste his lips on mine from just a moment ago.

Yes... Love is strange like that...


Hopefully that wasn't a waste of your time. I'm planning to develop this further. Please tell me what you think of it ^_^