Flying upon the same winds of fate,
Together we promised to forever be,
My Hawke like wings against your snowy white, beating the blessed air.
Facing life's hardships,
the hurt and the pain,
As well as the laughter and smiles,
Bearing life as friends, always there for one another no matter how
difficult it became,
Our wings were shattered and torn,
Remade and ripped apart again,
constantly it seems.
Yet, we continue to soar through clear skies and howling rain,
Forever and forever and forever you said,
Day after day after day.
But I ask you, just how long is forever? What,
Is forever?
A word pinned to an incomprehensible idea of man?
An idea stretching beyond our grasp of time?
In the time I hold within, forever often turns to never,
And promises are broken, while within my,
Heart is shredded and torn.
One day I awaken to find myself flying alone without you to show me the
No more does your laughter fill my ears,
No more does your smile dry my tears,
No more do I glimpse your snowy white wings,
No more do I hear your soul as it sings,
No more.
You soar upon a different wind now,
Flying to another bright horizon,
Without me to ease your pain,
Without me to lift you when you fall,
Without me,
you fly.
My tears of heartache and bitter pain fall from my eyes,
As I realize,
you gave me no chance to say goodbye.
I had no chance to tell you how much you mean to me,
No chance to tell you how you made my life worth living.
You gave me no time to wish you luck in your new beginnings,
No time to embrace you one last time before you left me here.
You told me one day I would fly alone without you by my side,
A day when I would fight life's harsh winds all alone,
With no one to show me the way.
No matter how many people I meet along the path of fate,
My journey is a solo one.
I ultimately end up alone,
With no one to brush away my tears,
No one to hold me in his arms,
No on to heal my pain with a kiss,
No one to laugh or cry with,
No one at all.
Though I know you will never hear the words I want to say,
I want you to know I miss you every second of every minute,
Of every day,
until you return to me,
And I can see you
smile back at me.