A Woman Scorned

By:Andrew Troy Keller

If I'm not mistaken,there's--of course--no greater fury than a woman scorned--and this story is an example of that little theroy:It had started on the Twenty-Eighth day of May,in which a Kylie Minogue type beauty named Kelly Ford had returned home from recording her latest album at a nearby music recording studio,opened her mailbox and was shocked to discover her former lover,Jerry Kuffs on the cover of his latest kiss-and-tell book smiling and standing next to a portrait of Kelly in the buff--and when she had opened the book and read the inscription on the book's inside cover,which had said,'Kelly--Thanks for being one of the inspirations for my new book.I hope you enjoy it.--Jerry.',Kelly had gotten so mad that instead of reading the book,she had slamned it down on the living room table really hard and yelled,"THAT BACKSTABBING HUMANOID PIECE OF CRAP!I'LL KILL HIM FOR THIS!I SWEAR TO GOD,I'LL KILL HIM!"

And with that,Kelly had gone into her bedroom,got out the gun that her dad had bought for her for protection purposes.

And then,after she had gotten all of the bullets into the gun,Kelly had packed a few things and headed for a nearby airport,in which she would be able to catch a flight to Los Angeles,California,where Jerry was living at in that very moment.

After her plane had landed at the LAX Airport and she had gotten off the plane,Kelly had ran towards a Taxi-cab,got inside of it and told the driver exactly where to go.

And after the cab had arrived at Jerry's new Los Angeles home,Kelly had gotten out of the cab,paid the driver and allowed him to drive himself away from the scene,just before an enraged Kelly had walked up to the front gate door,knocked on it and demanded to be let in,for she has something to give to him.

Just then,after she has finally been allowed to enter the grounds of Casa de Kuffs,she had walked straight towards the hot tub,where Jerry was sitting in along with a pair of beautiful Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders--and when he had looked up and noticed that Kelly was standing right in front of him,Jerry had let out a smile and said,"Well,look who's here!Did you get my new book?"

After she had taken a deep breath,Kelly had let out a small smile and answered,"Oh,yeah!I've got it!"

"Hey,that's great!",said a happy Jerry,after he had moved himself closer to Kelly."So,my dear Kelly.Please do tell me.What do you think about the book?"

The answer to that question had came soon enough,for after she had pulled her gun out of her purse and shot Jerry two times in the face and three times in the heart,thus killing him instantly,a very angry Kelly has tossed his book right at his deceased body and hissed,"The next time you want to write a book about your sexual encounters,you jackass,might I suggest that you don't include me in it!"

After that,Kelly had turned around and proceeded to walk towards the front gate,unaware that one of the shocked cheerleaders had called the local cops on her--and then,after she had walked through the front gate,there were at two or three LAPD Squad Cars waiting for her with cops aiming their guns at Kelly and demanding her to put her weapon down on the ground or they'll have no choice,but to shoot her right where she stood.

And then,after she had realized that she had done a terrible thing,a stunned Kelly had done exactally what the LAPD Officers had ordered her to do.

And after they had picked up the gun and placed poor Kelly in handcuffs,the officers had placed her in one of the squad cars and drove her to the nearest LAPD Precinct House,where she was fingerprinted,photographed and booked for murder in the first degree.

However,she was able to make her one phone call--and that was to her roommate named Roxanne Rivera to ask her to come to Los Angeles and bail her out.

And that's what happened to those who dare to face the wrath of a woman scorned.