ARGH!! Wont u just leave me?

I don't want u near me; I fear thee

I hate, loathe and despise

Pure black hatred of the eyes

Cannot disguise: no mistake

No single part of this is fake

The world that I live in is fuelled by this hate!

Yet nothing but moral debate!

You chase me in my sleep I never get to rest

With kitchen knife and soul-less vest

Me, alone, myself to face you

I must run and keep running through

No stoppages for you'll get me

You'll kill me; inside longing to free

No way out, no surrender to the horror

Un-travelled, un-venturing explorer

A short sharp shock as u catch up

Face to face and then it interrupts

Alarm bell rings

Ears do sing

Wake to see the face of the killer

Know its familiar

For its my face in those eyes

Holding the knife watching my soul as it dies