I wrote this poem at school and let a friend of mine read it. She
completely missed the point and the hint. Lovely readers see if you can
find it!


Every time I'm pissed I rage inside
Horrible images pass through my sadistic mind,
Soothing and hurting, healing and tearing
Both at the same time.
My rage turns into rants
My rants turn into tell offs,
Horrible images pass through my sadistic mind.
My mask,
It hides these battles fought on the inside
But as time passes,
Seconds to minutes
Minutes to hours
Hours to days
Days to months and so on,
The mask cracks and people notice
My depression
My anger
They ask, "What's wrong?" But do they care?
Sometimes I wonder.
I'm home, lights off,
The click of my lighter, the only sound.
Candles lit,
The flicker glints off my blade,
Tip pierces flesh,
Forearm, thigh, inside, outside it doesn't matter.
Tip dragged across flesh,
Blood weeping from my wounds,
I gaze, mind clouded,
Half grin creeping up my face,
Single tear creeping down.
My painful bliss how I love it.
We are alone.finally
I lean forward and lightly brush those lips,
So soft, I had almost forgotten.
My depression, my anger, has left.
I am happy, I am whole.
My pleasurable bliss, how I love her.
It hurts her to see,
What I do to myself,
I need only one bliss, it's time to choose.
Thanks for reading, I'd like some feedback, this is the first poem I've
ever written.