Sole Survivor

By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on the Twenty-Nineth day of May when an explorer starship known as the USS Jules Verne has arrived at an unexplored system of space to begin with their mapping mission,only to discover a strange and massive object hovering next one of the moons of a nearby planet.

After they had tried to use their sensors on the massive orbitor without any success,the ship's commanding officer,Captain John Blake has ordered a science team to go aboard the orbitor and find out exactly what makes it tick.

Just then,after the ship's science team had stepped aboard the orbitor,they had followed an unusual power surge to one of the orbitor's many chambers,only to discover a cryogenic chamber with a beautiful Melanie Brown type humanoid frozen inside of it.

After they were able to finally get her out of the chamber and defrosted,she was able to tell them that she was the last of her race and according to the orbitor's computer,she has been drifting in deep space for over a century.

But the reason why she was in that situation was still unknown to them,before the science team has returned to the Jules Verne with the orbitor's sole survivor--and some of the ship's company and crew had started to mysteriously disappear afterwards.

Just then,after a frightened John was left aboard the ship,he had taken his blaster out of its holster and walked towards the guest quarters,where he was shocked to discover the orbitor's sole survivor sucking all the blood out of one of the female members of the ship's security team and had realized why she was aboard the drifting orbitor.

She was a VAMPIRE!