I promote patriotism
By sending people to their deaths
I tell them, "Wave the flag
.and kill the Arabs"
And there's no shame in my game.
Hiding behind a desk
I make war plans
Hiding behind walls
I determine people's fate
I say kill before killed
Liberate before it's too late
Because there's no shame in my game.
-A mother receives a message from the fronts
Weeps her heart out at a son's death
Says I, "Don't be so prissy you little cunt
He fought with American righteousness"-
As if sentimentality weren't an emotion
We'll endorse murder and make it shine
You don't know the difference, commoner
Just rear your child with a gun
And he'll grow up fine
It'll start raining frogs on the commies
It'll start shining liberty
Under our military dictatorship
They'll be twice as happy
No need to hold a sign
No need to spit your spiteful songs
I'll still order deaths behind my walls
Because that's where I belong
Hell, that's where I belong
You ungrateful bastard
There's no shame in my game.