- Chapter Two -
Peter and Mary were thinking the exact same thing. Why does the institute have to close? Oh, that's right, people sued them for giving some one a pill! How could I forget? The person had an allergic reaction. Now we have to take these paitents to the middle of the pacific ocean until the institute reopens. The lights flickered on the island. Mary tapped her foot impaitently.

"Come on Peter! Let's go! The storm is coming!" Mary said, almost wailing. Peter walked into the lobby. He looked at Mary and frowned. Tyle seemed to smile.

"Yes, I see storm." She said calmly.

Peter gave Mary a skeptical look. Mary had goosebumps, and began to notice winds howl at the open 'windows'. Peter took Tyle to her dorm, sighing all the way. Each time he thought about his situation, he sighed. He walked back to the kitchen as soon as Tyle was in her room. He returned with three button sized candies. They had some tastless medicene on them. He went to the first Dorm. He waved his electrode stick, and walked through. He greeted Bob and handed her the candy. He gave Tyle & Bole there candy as well. He started to return to the lobby.

Sam returned to the lobby with two hot coco's.

"Where's Peter?" He asked Mary who was staring out the window at the waves which were lapping at the side of the metal island.

She jumped slighty from the unexpected noise. She turned around, and Sam noticed she was blushing. She noticed the hot coco in his hands and licked her lips.

"Dunno," Mary replied with a puzzled look on her face, "I mean, I don't remember, must have taken the last paitent to their dorm."

Sam walked up to the round table in the middle of the room. He set the hot coco cups on the small round table. He vanished through a door that didn't have the Red Electricity. He returned a few seconds later with one more cup of coco. Sam smiled when he saw Mary looking intently at the hot coco. When she noticed he was there she sat down on the comfortable green couch that was near the doorway. She look across from herself to the far wall and noticed a purple T.V. To the right of the T.V. was a yellow recliner. To the left of the T.V. was a orange side table, with a pink vase on top with two white roses, and a tulip. In the middle of the room was an antique wooden round table. On the table was a bowl. It was made of clay. It had all colors on it. It had a picture of the sea in the middle. It was very heavy, and would break easily. To the right of the green couch she was sitting in, was a window, it had the Red Electricity, but you could still look out of it. It was a little higher then her head when she sat down on the couch. She giggled childishly.

"What's wrong, Mary?" Sam asked.

Mary, still giggling replied, "It's like a lego world. Child's lobby. And the round table there? It looks so out of place. And the vase? It's more colorful then the flowers in it! I love it."

Sam chuckled, but his eyes seemed dark.

Sam grabbed one of the cups off the table and handed it to Mary. He sat down next to her on the couch. They were somewhat facing each other. Mary sipped her coco. She looked up from her cup, and stared in Sam's blue eyes. She swallowed noisly.

"How long have you been at this one, Sam?" Mary asked.

Sam shrugged his shoulders. He blond hair bounced on his shoulders. He sipped his coco. He crossed his legs uneasily.

Mary put her hand on his leg, "Sam, it is strictly business. And the other thing? Don't worry. Peter will never know." Mary removed her hand from his leg, and smiled. She sipped her coco some more.

"What won't Peter know?" a voice said at the doorway.

Mary peered at the doorway, but it was to dark to see anything.

Peter stepped out from the doorway, and Mary got up and walked to the window. She heard two sets of footsteps, one set travled quickly to the kitchen. The other, stopped right behind her. She slowly turned around. She looked into the eyes of Peter. He was glaring at her.

"If we're supposed to be partners in the phsyco business, we can't keep secrets from each other like that. We could get each other killed!! I'm not saying I know what the secret is, but that way you said it, it was like you know something about Sam that I do not." he snarled.

Mary grabbed her electrode stick and zapped Peter. She knew he would not be wearing his metal braclet which nuetrolized the zap.

As soon as Peter slumped to the ground, Mary grabbed his electrode stick, and rushed to the kitchen to find Sam.

"Sam," She cried.

Sam ran up to her, and hugged her tightly.
"Are you wearing your bracelet?" Mary asked fretfully, and pulled away from him.

Sam shook his head. Mary handed him Peter's electrode stick. Sam grabbed it. Mary turned around, and saw Peter standing up, looking for Mary the whole time. Finally he spotted her, he looked at her grimly. He grabbed his bracelet from off the table. He carefully snapped it around his wrist.

Mary turned to face Sam, and did not notice Peter snapping on his bracelet. She heard Peter grunt, and missed the sound of something metal clatter to the floor.