Ring around the rosy

Around and back again, so I never reach an end,
Always returning to a dark beginning to start my journey once more,
Just when the pain seems at an end, just when my heart begins to mend,
I stumble back into the icy grasp.

Pocket full of posies

The blossoms of my fragile heart are forever dying only to grow again,
So they can be trampled by the words of another lying lover,
Never are they given a chance to reach full bloom,
For love will always lie.

Ashes, Ashes

My heart burns and turns to shimmering ashes,
And like a phoenix my heart is mended to live on within me,
But it is part of the unbroken cycle,
So like fragile glass, it breaks again.

We all fall down

I pick myself up from falling over another lover's lie,
Only to stumble and fall from the blindness the next one will cause,
Doomed to dance forever around the one I love,
Trampling the flowers of my heart,
Burning my heart to ashes,
As I stumble, as I fall
Over the ones I love.