- Chapter Three -


She looked at the expresion on his face. He was pale, and he was looking past her. Mary whipped her head around just in time to see Bole.

Mary fell down. "Oh my god! Oh my god!" screamed Mary as she watched Bole's bloody head roll across the hall.

Sam turned white with fear. Peter twisted his head to see what was happening.

"Sam!" screamed Mary.

Peter leaped across the hall, and over the head which was now surrounded by a pool of fresh blood. Peter and Sam helped stand Mary up. She held Sam and Peter's hand tightly as if she were a child. Sam & Mary both dropped their electrodes.

"Sssshhh! It's ok, Mary." Sam tried to calm her down, but tears were rushing out of her green eyes. Her dark brown hair curtained her face.

They returned to the lobby, and Mary was laid down on the green couch next to Sam. Sam hugged her tightly while Peter paced in the lobby.

"I wonder who did it?" asked Sam sarcasticaly.

Peter stopped pacing and stared him straight in the eye.

"Who cares who did it? All three of us were here the whole time so it must have been one of the paitents. I need to take my medication, you know what happens when I do not take my anti-depressant pills. You do not want me to have another outburst like that." Peter said, ignoring the sarcasm. Then and rushed to the kitchen to find some water and his pills.

The kitchen and lobby were seperated by a long hallway on the far right wall. That is where the head came from. The hallway goes a while straight then upstairs to the dorms. At the very beginning of the hallway to the dorms is another stairway to Sam's dorm. It has the Red Electricity to get in. On the other side of the second floor is a stairway that goes down to the dock. The doorway to the stairs had Red Electricity. In the Kitchen was a refrigerator, and a freezer. Next to the frig is a sink, and a cross from the sink is a microwave. Beneath the microwave and sink were cabinets full of food that didn't need to be made.

Peter returned and sat in the yellow recliner. Mary was still crying. Sam was holding her, shaking.

"We have to leave." said Peter.

Mary, stopped crying and began to sniffle. Sam nodded his head.

"But I can't leave, because I have orders sayi-----" Sam was inturrupted by Peter signaling him to be quiet.

THUD, THUD, THUD, THUDS, were heard, but they were faint. Very faint. They were still silent after four more THUDs.

Mary said quietly, and unexpectedly, "Don't go to see who it is! It may be......." Here voice trailed off. Sam glanced worridly at Mary.

"We should Mary, but I know what'll happen. Just like last time......." Sam said he tried to keep his voice straight, but it cracked. Noticebly.

Peter stared at Sam and Mary.

"Like last time?" He asked suspiciously.

Mary shook her head. She moved her hair so she could see everyone. "Three years ago, when Sam and I were dating, we came here to watch all the paitents, like Sam should now. A young women came with three paitents. This was on the holidays when everyone went home for the weekend or something to that sort. One of them was incredbly ill. Mentally ill. She......she......" Mary stopped talking, and Sam picked up where she left off.

"She murdered everyone. The other paitents, the woman, she went after me and Mary..........but we escaped. Barely. We.....we.....can't talk about it any more then that Peter, I am sorry. But she nipped Mary good in the arm."

Peter stood up quickly and rushed to the couch the two were already on, he sat down on the end of it. Mary held out her arm so Peter could see. There was a huge scar running along the arm.

"That must've been-------" Peter was inturupted by louder THUDing then what they had heard before.

Mary jerked her head up wide eyed suddenly, meeting Sam's eyes, his identically wide.

"The boat!" They screamed. Peter jumped up and ran out the door. He rounded half the island and went to where the boat was tied. He could see the boat was far out to sea. With a body in it. Without a head. He gagged on the dock, then ran back to Mary and Sam. Mary was stairing coldly ahead at the wall. Sam was starting to cry.

Peter shook Mary. Finally she started to scream. "I know I know I know! That Bobby girl! Killed my best friend, Bailey!" She screamed over and over. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew the door only shut. Sam yelped. Peter jumped up, and Mary was silenced. "We know, Peter." Mary whispered. Mary looked at the lobby. Her face went very pale. She looked at both her wrists, they had nothing on them. Sam followed her gaze and looked at his wrists, and looked around the room. He sighed. He looked under the frig. He saw a glint of metal, and he was sure he knew what it was.

Peter looked at them with a worried yet puzzled expresion.

"What now?" He groaned quietly.

Mary shook her head, and looked sadly up at Peter.

"We are all going to die." She said calmly.

Sam nodded.

"They have our barcelets, and electrodes." Sam added.

Peter sat down next to them again, with a plop.

"Tell me how this happened." Peter asked.

Sam looked at him sharply.

"You don't want to know." He warned.

Peter nodded.

Sam sighed and shook his head, no. Mary cleared her throat and began, "Bob, aka Bobby Bobaluo is insane. She ----" Mary was cut off by a scream.

Tyle's scream. "Tyle!" Mary cried out and leaped off the couch.

Peter and Sam grabbed her wrists and pulled her back to the couch.