- Chapter Four -

The Boat

Mary fainted on the couch. Sam held her tight. Peter ran out on to the dock once more. Seeing the boat not too far away he jumped off the dock. Lightning struck as he swam as fast as he could to the boat. Trying not to think of the dead body that he was swimming towards he put all his strength into his swim.

Finally he reached the boat. He heaved himself into the boat and threw the body out. The keys were gone. He suddenly noticed the lightning was striking more often. In a metal boat. Mary and Sam and Bob were safe because the island had some sort of protection on the itself. It was made of the same metal as the bracelets! The boat was slowly rocking toward the island. He saw a figure there, but couldn't see who it was because the clouds blocked out the sun, and it was getting later by the minute.

When the boat got close enough to the figure where he could see who it was he almost jumped out of his skin. Bob. With her lobster. But Bob was there. And that was bad. He let the boat go to the island. Bob stopped it with her feet. They were so far away from Mary & Sam. Bob whispered something to Peter. It was like a speech. Prepared almost. The she pushed the boat away from the island. Waves crashed into the boat, sending it farther and farther away from the island.

"Thank goodness." Peter whispered.

He thought hard about what Bob had said to him. He had to warn Sam and Mary. He floated far away from the island. It was barely in sight. He bumped against something as he shifted his weight in the boat. Suddenly he heard music. He whipped around and saw the radio. No!!!! He screamed silently. He remembered this paticular radio had no off button, the only way to turn it off was to take out the battery. The battery was behind a metal plate that was screwed on.

Lightning flashed a brilliant white. So close. Too close for comfort. We're all going to die. Mary's words repeted in his head. He nodded, agreeing with the voice in his head. He stood up on the boat, he held the radio high in his hands.

"You're right Mary!" He screamed so loud, Mary & Sam could hear him on the isle, "We are going to die!"

And at that moment lightning hit the boat. He could see the electricity travel from the front of the boat to the front seat, and he looked back to where the front was, he saw black. He could smell the fire, too. It traveled on the outline of the boat, his feet began to melt into the floor of the boat, sink through almost. He watched it travel so close to the motar. It felt like this was going in slow motion. But it was really a malee. The boat was on fire, it surrounded him. Finally it got to the motar. And the second it touched it................

Mary shivered as she looked out the window.

"Sam, did you hear that? It sounded like Peter. He said, 'You were right Mary. We are going to die.' and do you see that explosion Sam? Do you?" She looked back at Sam who was still on the couch.

He looked up at her and said, "I can smell it Mary. I heard it, too."

Sam got up slowly and walked up to the doorway. He stopped short and gave Mary the signal to be very quiet. Sam heard slow footsteps. Mary heard them, too. She grabbed Sam's hand and together they began to run down the hallway. Mary jumped through the first dorm, she was shocked and immediantly fell to the ground on the other side. Sam followed Mary.

10 minutes later Mary awoke, she tried to turn to wake Sam but she couldn't. Her hands were cuffed. She turned her head and looked at Sam. He was stirring. He woke up seconds later.

"Mary? Where are we?" He asked.

Mary looked around. Saw a picture of a lobster. Saw heard and felt Red Electricity.

"Bob's dorm." She sighed.

She looked at her feet. They too, were cuffed. They both heard loud rapid footsteps. Bob walked into the dorm and wasn't shocked because she was wearing their bracelets.

"So we meet again Mary, Sam." Bob said with intellegance.

Mary's eyes grew wide. Bob smiled.

"I see you noticed. I never was insane, actually. I played the role so I could kill easier. No one would suspect a phsycotic person to have enough sense to kill so many people. How are your wounds by the way? I am terribly sorry about that. I was going for the kill. Must be horrible to live with that for such a long time." jeered Bob.

Sam looked at Bob with wonder he was about to ask her how she did it. How did she manage to kill everyone.

"Quite simple. The lobster's friend here saved me. You never met him did you? Nice guy really. Peter, I didn't really do. He was struck with a very bright, and electrical idea. And, I told him everything I am about to tell you." Bob sneered.

Bob laughed a cackling laugh. Mary began to sniffle, a few tears rolled along her cheek.

"How'd you kill Tyle & Bole? Bole's head was detached, and we have no knives or axes or weapons on the island." Sam pointed out.

Bob nodded in agreement.

"Too true watson. When the foolish Mary left me alone in the kitchen, I grabbed a mini butcher knife, quite sharper then any knife I've ever used to kill. I used it to rip out the spueak of the lobster, and then I stuffed the knife back in. I sewed the lobster back up with some of my sock string. That is why I was gripping the lobster so tight. I didn't want you to see the knife fall out of the lobster, Mary," laughed Bob.

Mary fell over and attempted to get back up, but she was bound so well she couldn't. Bob helped her back up. She sat on the bed across from them. It was facing the left wall. The were on the right.

"Then when I was ready to kill that stupid fool Bole, he tried to take the lobster, I just-----" Bob was inturrupted by Sam's accusing words, "You got out of your dorm, Bob," Bob glared at Sam.

She said very snappily, "Refrain from calling me Bob. My name is Synthia. Yes, I got out of my dorm. The knife does the same to the Red Electricity as those dumb electrodes, as you call them. I got out, went into Bole's dorm, and sliced his head. Threw it into the lobby, and I knew you were too chicken to go and look. Those thuds were me dragging Bole's body to the boat." Synthia paused in case Sam had any more questions.

He remained silent. I suppose he was in awe or shock.

"I also took the keys while I was there. Oh, and I gave the vitamin to the freak kid. I knew he was allergic. I needed revenge." Synthia grinned evily.

She looked at Mary. And she stared at her hair, her eyes.

"Revenge? On who?" Sam asked.

Synthia looked at the two souls that were bound, and bleeding. "Mary," she rasped.

Mary looked shocked, dismayed, and angry. "What have I done to you?" she demanded.

"It is for Bailey," she explained.

"Bailey is dead," Sam said quietly.

Synthia shook her head, "she is not. She lives here, ever since you left her here. You abandoned her, Mary. She is mad."

"I did not aban---" Mary was cut off by Synthia.

"How old are you Mary?" Synthia questioned serious now.

Mary looked down, "I'm twenty-two." She sniffed, a tear hanging from her chin.

Sam shook his head no. Very violently also. Synthia snapped her head at Sam.

"What?" She asked innocently.

"What are you going to do?" He asked.

"Oh, that," Synthia replied, "after I kill Mary and yourself, well, me and Mary look a lot alike. I've been aiming for that. I shall take her identity. I think I shall let you meet lobster's friend now." Synthia finished.

Mary shut her eyes tight, so did Sam. They waited for heavy footsteps. There was only silence.

Mary slowly opened her eyes. She saw Synthia sitting across from them, smiling cruely at Mary. Mary nudged Sam carefully with her shoulder. Sam popped his eyes open and he gaped at Synthia. Synthia had her lobster in front of her.

"You know what else?" Synthia asked.

Sam shook his head. Mary turned to face Synthia once again.

"Well, that idiotic candy thing you gave to me to keep me from going into a phsycotic sleep? Well, I know what that does to a normal person, do you? It turns the most sain person to the most phsycotic person of all! You should have read that in your stupid notebook, Mary." Synthia shook her head sadly at Mary.

"I read that, genius Synthia," began Mary angrily, "I wouldn't have given you the candy if I knew you were 'normal' more or less."

"I only took half," Snythia continued, "I am phsyocitc, yes, but in a way, I can control it. A free phsycotic."

Sam barked a laugh and grinned skeptically. Synthia moved to Sam and shocked him with her electrode stick. Sam slumped against the wall and fell over.

Mary began to sputter.

"Is he? Is he?" She asked.

Synthia looked at Mary as if she were a pathetic child asking if she could eat plastic.

"When you shocked me...did I die?" Synthia asked dully.

Mary relaxed her shoulders and fixed her eyes on Sam. Synthia hovered over Sam and Mary. She took the electrode stick, and shocked Sam about ten more times. Mary screamed. Synthia mumbled something, and laughed to herself.