"Our Lingering Friendship"

I recall a time when you and I

Stood together on that church parking lot

The bitter alcohol of your vodka

Still burning in our stomachs

And we spoke of times we'd lost

In only sarongs to hide our bodies

You, and I, and my ex-girlfriend

My first girlfriend from long ago

The same old sick attraction still lingering

In that church parking lot

Where we stood together barefoot

And savored the rocks on our toes

I recall the way I retched on the sidewalk

Because the vodka lingered

Lodged in my throat

I recall the next morning,

Waking up lost, confused

And covered in sheen of sweat

The stink that lingered in your room

Feeling greasy and un-bathed

On the outside of my body

Feeling clean and orderly inside

Now that time that we spent together

That last time in the church parking lot

Lingers on in my mind

Persistent as the vodka in my throat

We meant a lot to each other

But we just kind of said goodbye

But, anyway, I'm sure I'll linger awhile longer

In your own mind

Just as you do in mine.