Chapter 4

The look on Eriks face was priceless. It was one of anger, shock and fear. The fear surprised me somewhat, for in the short time I had known him, Erik had not struck me as the type to know fear. But that may have been a misjudgement on my part. I still saw him as 'The Great One' despite Erik not wanting to be associated with that name any longer.

Sara caught my look of surprise and raised an eyebrow while gesturing me to close the door. I did so, wondering who this man was and what the hell were those creatures with him? I would soon have my questions answered – mostly.

Erik rose to his feet, his expression unreadable as he passed me. He opened the door leading to the taproom and entered to confront the man who was most insistant on Eriks appearance.

"Sol" I heard Erik say as he entered. I caught the door before it closed and peered inside, Erik was was standing with arms crossed not more than five feet away from the man I know knew was named Sol. A hand on my shoulder made me jump as Sara peered into the taproom alongside me.

Sol grinned and clicked his fingers. At once the red creatures gathered around him. One looked at him and bared his fangs. A strange sound came from his mouth and after a few moments I realised that it was speaking, though of what I did not know and even today I still do not understand that foul language. Sol nodded before resting his gaze upon Erik.

"What do you want traitor?" Erik spat out the last word. I could not see his expression as all I could see of Erik was his back, but if I were a betting man – which i'm not – I'd have bet a king's ransdom that Erik's face was red with rage.

"I wanted to warn you is all"

"And why should I trust anything you have to say? I did once and it cost the lives of two close friends"

Sol sighed "That was regrettable but I did warn them not to get in my way" he gestured to the red creatures "As it is my friends are here to protect me while I try and warn you"

"You are friends with crimson goblins? You are even stupidier than I thought They will turn on you like you turned on the others and myself"

"I think not. Crimson goblins have a complex code of honour, they would not kill or betray their sworn brother" Sol smiled down at the goblins "Enough of this, I know you have located other chosen ones"

"That is correct"

"Just be careful to watch for the dragons claw" Sol commented before speaking in the foul goblin language and departing from the inn.

The few minutes after Sol left were silent. I don't know about Sara but I was wondering what exactly this betrayal was and what exactly did Sol mean about watching for the dragons claw.

Finally it was Sara who eased the door open wider and walked over to stand in front of Erik "Betrayal Uncle? She asked her head cocked to one side.

"I will tell you later" I bearly heard his voice as I wandered over to stand beside him "We have to get out of here, Sara go pack, Jason give this to the innkeeper will you?" he handed me a small bag which was full of silver coins. "It's to cover any damages and also the next years rent for Sara's room, we may have to return here sometime in the future"

I hurried off to do my tasks all the while wanting to get back to Erik and find out exactly what had happened, for it seemed much more than a simple meeting and warning had occurred.


Sara did and still does complain about everything. The day after the encounter with Sol were on the road to Bicark. Bicark is a small mining town location in at the foot of the Jhast Mountains, it normally took three months from Sarik to reach it, but Erik insisted that the trip take no more than a month. Thus we were walking from dawn to dusk, even longer on nights when the moon was covered with clouds.

I had suggested Erik used his power to teleport us their instantly and was back up by a very tired and irritating Sara. Erik just shook his head and continued walking. He never told us much about Sol, other than he too was a chosen one, if pushed on the subject he glare and withhold any chance we had on eating that night.

Though the trip to Bicark was a long and tiring one, Erik filled it with tales that were full of magickal creatures and heroes. Not once in that trip did I realise that he was teaching me the history of the world and how to defend myself should I encounter a creature he had told me a tale about.

I do think Sara knew, but then she was his niece had she told me heard the tales many times before. She often as not enjoyed the tales but when they could not distract her from the long trip she took to practicing her profession – mainly on me. I would often find the few small possesions I had missing and see a smirk from her. That in turn provided me with an excuse to vent some of my frustations by chasing her up whichever dirt track or road we were currently on.

The journey to Bicark was one of the best times of my life, I often thought back on it in later years and still do for mine and the other chosen ones journey is not over yet and moments of enjoyment are few and far between.

What we encountered in Bicark would haunt me for many years to come. Afterwards I would no longer look at myself as Jason the boy from Sarik but as Jason the Chosen One.



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