- Chapter Five -

And He Lives

Peter coughed and began to tread water. Once he caught his breath he began to swim toward the island. I guess we might live after all huh Mary? Good thing I put that electrity bracelet back on! He sneered slightly at Mary. Then he heard a peircing scream. He knew at once that it was Mary. He shivered at the coldness of the water. He strained to look over the water. He saw the island getting closer to him. He looked back to where the boat was. He had jumped quite a ways away from it.

When he finally reached the island, he slowly pulled himslef onto the island. He lay quiet for a minute and decided to take his shirt off. It was wet, and he couldn't be held up by a wet & heavy shirt! He pulled his shirt off and tossed it on the dock. He walked carefully to the lobby. He hid behind the couch for a moment.

Synthia shook her sadly, and said, "I should probably wake the fool Sam up. He needs to see you die, Mary." Synthia walked calmly out of the dorm. She came into the kitchen and grabbed a bowl, and walked out onto the dock.

She looked at the remaining smoke from the explosion and mumbled, "Fried chicken. Ha ha."

She looked back and forth along the dock and saw an object on the right side of her. It was just laying there. She went over to inspect it. She noted it was a T-Shirt. She slowly filled the bowl of water up. She set the bowl down and jumped into the water. She swam toward the body, which was floating still, and began to drag it back to the island.

Peter dashed out from beneath the couch and ran to Bob's dorm. He ran into it, and wasn't shocked.

"Peter?!" Mary yelled. Peter nodded but signlaed to be quiet.

Mary nodded and whispered, "Get us out of here?"

Peter reached into his pocket and dug out a "fit anything" key. He unlocked her feet and he unlocked her hands.

"What about Sam? He is unconsious." Mary asked worridly.

Peter looked at Sam and unlocked his hand cuffs. He sat down, and took of one shoe, and a sock. He took the sock an rang it out over Sam's head. Sam stirred. The electrity was altered with the water, and the time he had left to be unconious was shortened a great deal.

Sam woke up shortly, and Peter put his shoes and socks back on.

"We have to hurry... Get up Sam." Mary urged.

She jumped to her feet, helping Sam up.

Sam stood up shakily, and said, "I have a plan."

Synthia dragged the body into the lobby, and into the dorm. With the body in front of her she didn't see that Sam & Mary were gone. She laid the body down on her bed. She looked down at where Mary should've been.

"I'm gonna kill you Mary, and Sam, too!" She screamed so loud anyone within a mile of the isle could hear.

Sam ran to the stairs, Mary following close behind, Peter farther behind watching the back of line. Peter gave Sam the bracelet. Mary stopped at the Red Electrity.

"I-I can't Sam." she whispered.

She looked franticly for something metal. Peter was at the foot of the stairs. Mary could tell he was listening to something. Sam was in the dorm, rummageing for something.

"Sam. Hurry. I think Peter hears something." Mary whispered urgently. She looked back at Peter who was relaxed. Whatever he heard was gone. Sam grabbed three t-shirts and walked back through and started down the stairs. Mary walked down to Peter. Sam followed behind.

"Let's hurry with this." Peter said, and he began to walk to the stairs that led to the lobby.

They walked at a quick pace towards the dock.