Catch a falling star and keep it close to you,
Treasure the warmth and the light ,
Let it be a comfort in the darkest, chilling nights.
Hold it in your hands when warm tears fall from your eyes,
Grasp your fallen star as you glimpse the evening sky,
And see star after star fall like tears and dissapear into a veiled
Perhaps it never occurred to you, or even crossed your mind,
The thought of what your captured star may really be.
When does it glow brightest against your gentle breast?
Only when the stars do fall from the midnight black,
Can you see now, just what you now pocess?
A tear is what you hold and treasure,
The star you caught as it fell from the sky,
One single tear from the angels above,
Weeping for the wounded souls of lovers lies.
Keep the sparkling light of your star,
Let it guide you through the dark places of despair,
When forgotten love shatteres your heart,
And kills your dreams,
Adds to your screams.
Treasure it when your one true love,
Kills you with their lie,
And you are doomed to always,
And forever,