i do own this story and the characters. this is of my own

imagination.(well but the whole sci-fi, werewolf theme).

i am sorry if this story offends anyone reading it. please read

the rating, and summery before continuing this story...

Rating: R for violence, blood, sexual situations. and adult



This is about a female werewolf who does not know where she

belongs. Trying to find her way with out all the bloodshed that

will come if she takes a path away from the pack. Wanting to

be free with out being bound by a male mate to control


P.S. the sexual situations will not be full blown sex scenes.

please contact me if you wish to have the adult versions of

some of the scen es.....

thank you for ta king your time to read this.

please after you read, please will help let me know

whether i should continue or not...