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Part One Chapter Six: Findings

"This should have never happened. Someone should have been around her to protect her," Chris whispered to everyone in the room. Holding onto Mia he picked her up, caring her towards his car. Grabbing her stuff Josh took after Chris yelling at him all the while "HEY! HEY! WHERE THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TAKING MY SISTER!"

Stopping and turning around after setting Mia in the front seat on the passengers side of his car. Slowly shutting the door. Turning around to look at someone he would and does think of as a friend, Josh. " I am taking her to your house. She needs to be away from here and hopefully J.J."

Josh was concerned about his sister and wanted to take her home himself. He did trust Chris, but smelling J.J on her again was enough to set Chris off again. If J.J. was to get in Chris's eye sight of any time soon there could be a blood bath, and he did not want his sister near it at all. Looking at Chris he asked "straight home?"

Chris and everyone else almost busted out laughing at the look on Josh's face. He was looking as if he was wanting to take a punch at someone and Chris just happened to be in his line of sight. Shaking his head Josh took off in the direction of his car. Putting Mias bags in the back seat before getting in his car and peeling out of the school parking lot. Everyone stood by watching him, shaking there heads. Something was up when Josh got this riled up. Maybe it would be best if everyone one of the males and even females kept a better and more watchful eye on Mia. The way that things are looking they had no doubt in there minds that J.J. was not going to give up so easily. Everyone started piling into the school except Jason and Chris.

Looking into the passenger side window they both saw that Mia had done went into a fitful sleep from being exhausted by the days events. "You sure that you want to take her home? Chris I know that you want her as a mate, but maybe with this J.J. deal everyone is going to start looking at each other different."

Coming out of his stupor of looking at Mia Chris finally registered what Jason has said "What do you mean Jason?" Chris was looking every confused,

"Well everyone is going to be thinking that maybe the females should have a tighter hold. Maybe more protection." Jason stated starting to walk back towards the school. However, before he could get far Chris said " If we put any more rules and regulations concerning them they might rebel worse and then we would have more of a problem. Most of the females are docile and I mean good tempered, but with Mia.." Chris trailed off…

"Glad to know that you think of us women as cattle and horses Christopher." said a agitated Female.

'oh boy' thought Chris to himself he done went and stuck his leg knee deep into it this time…

"I can not believer that you would say stuff like that Chris! Especially when your mother is alpha of the females in the pack!" Mia screamed. When you got Mia fired up she was on a roll. After everything that had happened today she was waiting insider to yell and take her anger out on someone. Well it just happens that Chris was in the way and the one to say a stupid remark as he did. Mia exploded kicking the car door open, getting out and stomping in rage over to Jason's car. "Take me home Jason.:

Jason just looked at Mia as if she was nuts to yell at him, the teenage alpha. Soon a grin started to appear on both men's faces. Shaking his head they both got into there respectable cars. 'This is going to be long ride home' thought Jason.

Driving towards Mias house, Mia was fuming because of the comments that Chris has said more so about her more than the other females.' He just makes me so mad sometimes.' Mia thought to herself

Back at Mias house she stormed into the house slowly followed by Jason and Chris. Mia was still fuming about what Chris has said in the parking lot at the school. Growling low in her throat she went in the kitchen followed by the two males. Seeing her mother, father, and brother sitting at the table, and Josh was telling all that he knew of the story. Hearing her daughters growl of annoyance Jennifer looked up, as did everyone else. "What is wrong Mia? Come sit down and tell us about what happened today at school." She said in more of a commanding voice instead of a questioning tone.

Stuttering Mia replied " by what ever do you mean momma?" in her fakest voice ever. Maybe thinking that she could get out of it. She did not want to think about it at all if she could avoid it. "heheheheh" She nervously laughed.

"Mia" her mother said in a disapproving tone.

"oh alright" Mia said. Flopping down into a chair that Chris had pulled out for her. "well.." Mia really did not know where to start. Everything really did happen so fast that it had left her head spinning. "It's ok Mia, just take it slow." he mother said to her, putting a comforting hand on her arm. Taking a deep breath Mia started the tell of everything that had happened out through the whole day starting even with the first human incident that had taken place. Even going through the reasons why she now thought that Chris was now a male chauvinistic pig.

By the time that she got done ranting and raving about Chris everyone, well almost everyone had a smile on there faces. The only one not smiling was her father, he was in deep thought about what he needed to do about J.J. Chris was smirking because when Mia was mad he thought that she was just beautiful. 'I'm in love with her' Chris was hit with the thought after a few minutes of staring at her, his heart was beating faster and faster by the minute. 'What am I going to do' was his first coherent thought.

Looking around he finally realized that Mia was saying something to him and all he could do was stand around looking dumb. "huh" was the only words that left his mouth. Everyone around him started laughing even Mias father Mike. He thought it was funny that Chris whom had grown up with his daughter was now realizing what everyone but him had seen. Chris loved Mia, and everyone but those two had been able to see it for a very long time.

With out really thinking about anything Mia got up and walked over to Chris giving him a peck on the check, whispering "my knight and shinning armor." Then walking quietly up the stairs to her bedroom to get clothes so that she could go was the nasty smell of J.J. off of her body. Knowing nothing better or He really did not realize what he was doing, he lifted his hand to the cheek that she had kissed and sort of just held it there.

Chris was in kind of a shock from the actions of this girl. He has known Mia since they both where in diapers. Mia and him have been close through the years, until he turned the age of mating. Every year they had a mating trail to see who would mate with whom. Until this year Chris has never participated. The long battle for the hand of Mia was now at hand. Soon everyone knew they where going to be mates, all you had to do was look at them to know who he would choose.

Almost Like he was waking up from a long sleep Chris jerked and looked around the room. "well I think that I should be going." Chris said and he left out the back door without a further look.

"I do not see why the alpha does just not go ahead and declare those two as mates," the voice of Jennifer, Mias mother said. Getting up to refill everyone's glass with coke or coffee. When all the glasses where refilled she took her seat next to her husband. "I am afraid what will happen if Chris does lose and does not get to Mia first though." Shifting in her seat and looking down at her cup filled with fresh black coffee. Mother and daughter are alike in looks. Except that Jennifer was taller and had short cropped to her face hair. Feeling the eyes of everyone in the room, more so her husbands than anyone else's.

"what do you mean?" was the quietly whispered question from her son Josh. Looking up at his mother his face turned to one of worry and confusion for his sister and his fellow football player, and friend, Chris.

Still looking at her coffee and not meeting the eyes of her mate or son, she whispered her reply to them, " I am afraid if anyone else other than Chris gets Mia they will break her spirit. Yes a mate is good to keep the darker side of being a skin walker away. However, taming to much of that side can break a spirit. Holding on too much can cause it to want to break out more. That is what happened to J.J.s mother. His father held on to tightly. A mate is good to have for all kinds of reasons," pausing she looked up at her husband with a small sad smile, " holding on to tight or not tight enough is not a good thing either way. Only a true mate of a male or female can tell where the lines are. I am afraid that no one but Chris will be able to control either side or know where that line is. I truly believe that he is her true and only mate." Jennifer finished telling the others. The young ones did not know everything that came with a mate or how it was to have the bonds. Chris and Mia had already started bonding and the bonds of mates are know from the start when you meet. If Chris can already feel it she was wondering if her daughter did too.

Not knowing to the rest of them Mia was at the doorway to the Kitchen the whole time that her mother had made her speech.

'who wants to me mated anyways. I am special and I do not have to be mated and I will not be.' Mia was furious that everyone assumed she was going to hope in line with the rest of the horny teenage girls ready to mate.

They are not allowed to have sexual contact such as intercourse or anything like that until mating. The males where allowed to fool around as in flirt and make the females want them sexual but there where never suppose to cross the line. Dating and sleeping with a female human was acceptable though to there standards.

'why is there always a double standard for a female and males. If a female sleep or even hangs onto a guy the wrong way or for two long she is a slut. However, if the male does that to a female he is a stud and great in the eyes of other males. That is just so wrong.' Mia was starting to fume over her thoughts.

Walking away from the entrance to the kitchen she headed up to her bedroom. Mia decided that she was not going to live like the rest of them. She was going to act, talk and do as she pleased, because no one was sticking her with a mate.

Walking to her dresser drawers she went through the things in there as if nothing would be the right or should be say tight thing to wear. Finally coming upon the pair of black Rhine stone thong and matching bra she got on her last shopping spree. Not really knowing where she was going to wear it, it was one of those buy at the spare of the moment things. Putting those items on she looked in the mirror so far she thought that she would have some more human male drooling. Grabbing lotion to hide some of her skin walker sent she spread it on heavy, it would make her smell could and hide the sent so she was ok with it. Sparkling glitter on her breast and cheekbones. Walking over to her closet she slipped on a tight black skirt that was thigh high. The shirt was the real problem though. Ruffling through all the clothes and choices or shirts she picked out a shirt that wrapped around her breast leaving little imagination. Big hanging sleeves, and showing more of her stomach than when she wears a bathing suite(A/N: like the one Britney spears wears in her movie at the end). Her belly button ring which was new that no one knew about yet was a silver moon with a diamond in it. Next tugging on the heeled boots that where black and cam knee high. Looking back in the mirror she was hot and sexy, looking like she was ready for a bout of sex.

Sneaking out of the house was going to be the next step. Walking down the stairs she saw that her parents where still in the kitchen with her brother and that they where playing a game of cards. Hoping and praying she could make it to the front door with out to much noise. However, thought was not going to be the case. "Mia! Where are you going?" her mother yelled. And she thought that she was going to get away with it. Calling back to her mother why still moved towards the front door she yelled "going out to see a movie or something with the girls mama!"

Jennifer was satisfied with this and left it at that letting Mia go.

Mia gathered and called all her friends asking if they wanted to go to new human club out of town about 30mins away from Elkmont. Everyone was really ready to agree and said that they would meet her there. Sarah and Nicole came by to pick Mia up to head to the club.

"hey" they all chorused to each other as the car took off towards the highway.

"Does Chris or Josh or any of the other males know where we are going Mia?" Nicole asked her. Not really looking worried but she would hate to have to bare the wrath of Chris or another male if they found out about this. Especially since this was a HUMAN night club.

"lay off will you Nicole? And lighten up. The whole point of this is to look what is outside of our rules. Why do the males always get all the fun?" Sarah exclaimed really loudly. You would think that they would get busted because of her big mouth. I think everyone in North Dakota could of heard her.

Mia busted out laughing because of her two best friends and the way that they where acting. Sometime you would never think that they all could be best friends because of the way that they act. That can be said for her other two best friends Beth and Mary.

Arriving at the night club even though they are underage they had no difficulty getting in or getting the drinks. The music was loud the dance floor was packed and all of the girls loved it.

------------With Chris----------

By the time that Mia, Mary, Beth, Sarah, and Nicole where starting to get in the groove of dancing something was happening with Chris and his buds.

Chris, his brother Jason, Mias brother Josh, and there buds Cameron, and Andrew where all hanging out and getting ready to go to the same very club that the girls where at. Everyone was finally ready with the silk neon shirts white, green, orange, etc… and the black pants with chains and dancing shoes or tennis shoes in there case.

Everyone was pilling up in the individual cars. Everyone of the guys has there own car in case someone wants to leave early or with a someone…

------Everyone…at the club---------

Getting into the club the guys are dancing to the beat. Finally getting thirsty they all go and sit down in a booth to have some drinks. All ordering bears from the waitress that comes around. Chris was bobbing his head to the beat of the music, looking over he sees something that really pissis him off. MIA!

"what is she doing her?" he spotted the rest of the girls at the same moment that he asked that question "what the hell is any of them doing here?" Chris yelled to the other guys pissed about what he had just witnessed. The rest of the guys looked to where Chris was looking after his outburst. Everyone saw the girls dancing with humans, HUMAN MALES at that.

All the girls where surrounded by males rubbing up against them, and grinding to the pounding of the music. Mia had some guy hanging all over her with his hands on her ass and thigh. Lifting her leg towards his hip so that they could grind more closely together. Mia was well aware of the musk of sexual arousal coming off of the male. He was thinking he was going to get laid this very night. 'Maybe' she thought to herself.

While the girls where dancing away on the dance floor the males had them in there sights. Watching and waiting. When hands started to move to place they should not be they had, had enough. Moving swiftly towards the dance floor. Watching and moving as if they all where predators ready to pounce on there prey. In truth they where. No one messed with the females of there kind and especially not no meat boys. Chris and the rest of them stopped next to the girls, however, the acted like they did not even see the boys. This set of the guys more than anything. Just being males required a certain kind of respect from the female bitches. Chris was tired of being ignored and watching what he thought was his being man handled. Shoving the dirk dancing with his girl he yelled, "Get lose asshole!"

Mia was shocked because the guys had just come out of no where mysteriously. Like shadows and stalkers, Chris being more the stalking type. "Did you follow us you rejects?" was Mias first question when the shock had passed. However, not even her brother was listening to her. It seemed that the people they where dancing with a few minutes ago wanted to fight over the rude intrusion. 'Damn hormonal, territorial males' she thought to herself.

"hey! Asshole! What do you think you are doing?! Fuck off! I was hitting this shit first!" yelled the angry guy that Mia was previously dancing with.

"What the hell! You were not hitting shit you creep! We were dancing! I hope to god you did not think that you where getting laid?" Mias outburst caused a lot of attention to be taken from dancing and toward them. Most of the people dancing on the dance floor where now looking at them and listening to the fight that was sure to break out in a few minutes. Standing her ground with hands on her hips Mia was yelling at the man that she was previously dancing with. He was standing there with this dumb struck look on his face. 'what was up with this chic?' the guy thought to himself

Yelling at him was laughable to Chris, Jason, Josh, Andrew and Cameron. They thought that they where going to have to beat the shit out of everyone of those guys. It looked more like all the girls where taking offense to what the one guy had said. "whatever." the finally saying to blow off anyone for any reason was given gracefully and with a lot of attitude by Beth. She was getting tired of this round about acting , waiting for a fight. All she wanted to do was dance. Grabbing the hand of Andrew she led him into the crowd of people still dancing to have her own good time. Soon followed people where pairing up and going back to have fun. Then there was people who decided it was safer in groups than individually. People like Chris, Mia, Josh, Jason, Mary. Poor Josh was the odd number in the group considering it looked liked everyone and there potential mates where together.

The dancing and drinking was staring to get out of control. No one had to worry about a curfew or school the next day since it was the weekend. Drinks were mixed and tossed back with abandonment. Hardly noticing anything but each other and the rhythm of the music. Music has a soul of its own, combine that with skin walkers and there heightened senses you get something different entirely. The musk smell of arousal was all around everyone. Sometimes the smell of something can turn a idea into something really bad or good. Chris and Mia where dancing together as she and that one guy was earlier. Grinding into each other and the music. Getting closer and more dangerous with there moves. Mia and Chris ended up in a heated embrace in the corner of the night club some where. Since everyone had come in there own cars they didn't have to worry about a way home.

Getting into Chris's car they took of to a near by hotel just down the street. Entering and paying for the room. Laughing all the way and making out on the elevator. They finally made it to there room 152. Struggling with the door for a few minutes before the door finally gave way to open into a room with one bed and two people to share it.

Falling onto the bed laughing and trying to ride each other or there articles of clothing at a fast pace. Taking time only to breath when they thought that they would go under from the sensations.

Running his hands over bare stomach. Hands sliding until they reached just the underside of Mias breast. "Please!" was the moan that broke from the throat of Chris's desire underneath him. Head thrown back in need and wanting more than just kisses and touches. A throbbing intense feeling was along both of there skins, the need to change in to there furs. To make this a finally mating, wild and passionate.

All that mattered where each other and all they could her beside moans and groans is the pounding of there own hearts in there ears. Fearing that the hearts of both would burst free from its cage and holding.

She wasn't scared, but anticipation made her heart hammer and her blood race.

Chris's mouth moved further down, between her breasts. His hands slid around her back and unlatched her bra. Mia shivered, feeling her cheeks heat, as it fell away, baring her breasts. Keeping his hold on her firm, he moved his mouth along her skin, his lips and teeth teasing sensitive flesh. She closed her arms around him, holding onto him as he lowered her back onto the bed, his mouth working restlessly at one painfully stiff nipple.

Moaning for all that she was worth. This feeling was like nothing that she had ever felt. Chris was trying his best to go slow and easy for her. The throbbing in his loins was getting worse and worse with every little nip or bite here or there on her perfect skin.

He nudged her thighs opened gently. Her trembling was nerve-wracking, but he knew he couldn't stop himself now. Chris was careful as he slid inside her; she was so tight that he groaned softly. He closed his fingers tightly around hers and moved, in one stroke, all the way inside her. Mias gasp of pain tore him apart, and the tears that ran down her cheeks made him feel helpless.

"ssshhhh baby" Chris crooned towards Mia. He knew that this was painful for her. They both stayed still for a few minutes. Chris was afraid that if he moved before she was ready she would be in more pain. A single tear trailed from her eye downwards. Pulling out just a little to test to she if she was better. Watching as Mia closed her eyes and let out a low moan. He took this as a sign that he could go on.

Passions were raising. The moans and groans from the two grew as the hours moved on into the night. Sometime during the night they had given into there furs and wilder sides. Turning into the wolf and mating. Not just normal sex or making love. They mated to each other, the other half of there souls joined on this night. Doing something forbidden. Never has a female mated before she turned into an adult. Marking each other on there shoulders, between there neck and shoulder where it meets.

In the morning the sun was shinning and coming through the balcony doors to the tarries doors. The sun found the two together twisted around each other and the covers. The morning had found the two in a lovers embrace.

Waking abruptly when the door to there hotel was smashed open with a big load crashing sound. Using the sheets to cover herself from breast down. Thinking that some thing was bad and very wrong. Looking toward the door her and Chris saw the alpha and his family, plus her brother, mother, and father standing in the door way too.

The first words that came out of the alpha's mouth was "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK THAT YOU ARE DOING?" he looked livid and like he was going to blow a casket. And that was when everyone in the room saw the marks of mating on the both of them.


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