Little Bobby Marker had a special bear
On picnics and adventures, his Teddy was there
Bobby and Teddy were both the half's of one
They played out in the summer's breeze until the day was gone
If Little Bobby Marker ever shed a tear
His furry friend comforted and offered up some cheer
Through thick and thin they always were the best of friends
A friendship is forgotten, and so the duo ends
Bobby had others, while Teddy had none
He sat alone on the bed while Bobby had his fun
Teddy often wondered why he was alone
He didn't see the truth so cold, that the boy had grown
Little Bobby Marker wasn't little anymore
Teddy was moved off the bed and pushed onto the floor
And so he lay forgotten, forgotten and unseen
The days would pass, as the months, Bobby was thirteen
Teddy saw through scratched eyes, as he was pushed aside
New toys and boys took his place while he laid and cried
Then one fateful morning, Bobby took his long lost bear
And Teddy with his coat of dust thought they were a pair
But Bobby didn't smile, just gave him one last glance
Poor Teddy so forgotten, he didn't stand a chance
He never gave up hope that maybe they could play
Until of course it happened, he was throw away
And so Bobby Marker, had thorn away his youth
With Teddy went the innocence the child and the truth
But Bobby carried on and nothing more was said
About poor Teddy who lays forgotten and now dead