Stranger's Reflection


I sit waiting for change

Ideas exploding as pollen

From a blossoming

Flower caught in a light breeze

Yet trapped in a strangers

Arms as I am yet to

Know myself


My heart's in flux

While images so distant

To my recorded thought

Pass by loneliness of

Time infuses knowledge

Lacked truest meted mind

I stare deeply into

The blanket darkest



Swallow up my dreams

Eat whole my shallow indulgence

Free my imagination to

Inspirations waking hour

Or nail tight a pine lid to my

Casket so bitter hatred

Colours blackest hues to

My palette


Indifference become the brush

To my bleak canvas

That pain will be as tears

In rain washed away

As all that ever mattered

Follows swiftest current to

Fatalistic grave

Of life


copyright © 2004 fabian cortez