Relentless I

wherever you are
I have been there before you,
whatever you do to me
it has been done before;
my blood colours every rose,
the deaths I have died are countless;
so I alone can shout
'No-one's too lost to be saved.'
So pierce me with the fiercest hate,
so number me among your slain,
pour out my blood, I bear the pain,
to hold you in my arms again.

I shout it towards your hopeless screams,
I paint it with my crimson blood
upon the walls of hell, I flood
its flames with tears of my broken heart.
There is no hurt I have not borne,
there is no chain I have not torn,
so I alone can kiss
your prison bars asunder.
From death, through death, I woo you still,
I woo you still, the risen slain,
I pour out myself, embrace the pain,
to hold you in my arms again.

September 2003