Deep within me there is a void,
a gaping hole, an aching loss,
an open wound of yearning love
that only your presence can fill.

I have tried to quench my longing with others,
but this hole has the shape of none but you.
Your name alone is forever engraved
In the silken flesh of my heart.

Deep inside me there is a well
of never-ending tenderness,
its intensity almost drowning me,
reserved for none but you.

It cannot be lavished on anyone else,
a gift for your precious hands alone,
a universe flowing in a look of love
to none but your beautiful eyes.

These are the cries I can share with none,
my madness, divine, by none understood,
the bliss that tears my soul apart,
the pain that rejoices within.

Time wastes away, but my vow is constant,
never to rush you, never to force,
let the silent tears be mine to shed
as I watch you weave your dances.

Thorns broken beneath my agony,
my roses for you are secretly waiting,
promise of sheltering, velvety petals,
buds still wrapped in glistening patience:

Your will is sacred to me.